Film: 2981

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster Keaton explains the importance of the battle to a general and that he must go at once. A soldier brings cap and sabre, and Buster and the girl help to dress the general. Soldiers at a camp run to the battle. The general mounts his horse. Other horsemen arrive, carrying the southern Confederate flag. They ride off. The soldiers run behind them. Buster and the girl on the street. Horsemen and soldiers rush past. Buster and the girl try not to be hit. The street. Horsemen and soldiers rushing. In the street. Buster and the girl trying to avoid the soldiers. They get on the side. Buster explains that he has to go to the battle, too. The girl doesn't listen but goes to the veranda, embracing her father who sits on a chair. Buster in the street, nearly hit by a carriage. He jumps forwards and backwards to avoid horses and men. Suddenly the street is empty. Buster is about to cross the street, then turns again: more horses and carriages are rushing past. The girl and her father. The street: Horsemen and soldiers rushing past.

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