Film: 2988

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Funky 1970's film which ironically charts the demise of the once-trendy shopping street. Slightly patronising view of Ivory Coast but notable for its use of black models, still a relative rarity today. See for kaftans, unisex boutiques and other clothing fashions common at the time.
Swinging 70's in Carnaby Street
Exterior shot of Hilton Hotel. Ethnic fashion backdrop. Female models wear the latest in fashions from the Ivory Coast including wide and flared trousers. Male model with very 1960's Beatle-like haircut models a very camp-looking safari suit in blue and white. A black model (female) wears a unisex kaftan. This short sleeved shirt has side vents for comfort, a large floral design and is worn with beige trousers. Male model wears a printed dyed cotton suit, for wearing on the beach or in the evening. Two versions of the safari suit forwomern, the first with a belt and stud buttos and a two-piece with deep side pockets. The two female dancers boogie or dance to the sound of rhythmic drums. A hand dyed afternoon dress is worn by Rula Lenska (possibly) with embroidered bodice and sleeves. Female models wear hand dyed fabrics which sport traditional Ivory Coast prints. Male model wears a unisex bu-bu with Ivorian embroideered front and black trousers with very big flares. Woman wears a dinner dress in red, white and gold with halter neck embroidered in gold silk. Male model wears a safari-style shirt with deep front pockets made with non-hemicaldyes. Very camp shot of one of the models dancing with a kaftan on. Narrator points out that fashion and textiles are the second most important industry in the Ivory Coast. Designers have combined traditional designs and costumes with modern styles and fabrics to produce original fashions.

Exterior shot of Carnaby Street pedestrian precinct. A band play on the balcony above one of the shops while a crowd below looks on. Montage of shop signs, shop interiors. Various cheap and nasty symbols of the decline of Carnaby Street are shown, including Carnaby street mugs. Exteriors of carnaby Arcade, lady Jane shops. Street sign declaring "Carnaby Street welcomes the world. In use since the 1840's as a centre of clothing, the film details the changes made in the 1970's including its opening as a pedestrian precinct. "Unisex hairstyle" booth. Exterior of "Lord John" shop. "His and hers"shop. A young woman wears a tee shirt with famous London landmarks emblazoned on it. New "Video traffic sign" guards this spot on Carnaby Street. Montage of short shots showing bell botto jeans; 1970's high heels. Exterior of shop "The Flea Market" near Carnaby Court. More Carnaby Street merchandise including plastic aprons and tee shirts.

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