Film: 2989

Fashion | 1920 | Silent | B/W


"Fencing as an aid to beauty. by Miss Edythe Hudson, Champion Woman Fencer of America." 1920's

"This beautifies the arms." a woman, dressed in black, strikes a pose with a rapier or sword which is changed into the same pose, only now she is in evening-wear holding a white feather fan. She then strikes a fencing-pose with her fan and appears with a sword again. A classic fencing pose with arm cocked seen from behind.
"Imparting lightness and grace."
Fencing pose changed to dancing with a man.
( 54 secs )
"New York. Pajamas. Startling new creations made in America from Paris models."
A hand rubs the page as an artist would to reveal a woman lying on lots of cushions.
"Rose satin jacket and black satin trousers."
She yawns and stretches, looking gloriously bored and gets up off a day-bed. The room is in 'Chinese-style' with cushions on the floor. She stretches and still looks bored, perhaps its supposed to be languid. She goes to a full-length mirror. A smoking suit in black and white satin is next. Very Chinese style. The model turns to show the fashion off. Another trouser-suit. The model looks at herself in a hand-mirror and turns to show a tasselled gown.
( 1 min, 10 secs )

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