Film: 2990

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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A forest or wood with the sun-light streaming through the branches. The sound of a cockerel. Legs and feet in high-heeled shoes or sandals walk through the wood. Pan up to women in hats and suits. Two women walk arm-in-arm, fashion inspired by the 1930s. Patu designs. A woman holds her skirt and dances. It is a multi-layered gypsy-style skirt; she is now in the window of a modern house. Pierre Cardin model. Woman in a wide-brimmed hat walks through the forest. She wears white trousers. A woman in a boa or feather-trimmed dress. She dances in the large foyer of a modern building. A black model in an office-type suit and white hat. A blond model in a herring-bone tweed skirt and a strapless boned midriff top. Another model in a floaty kimono-cut dress with appliqued flowers. She feeds some ducks.

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