Film: 2991

Trailer | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Trailer for 'The Girls He Left Behind'. Aka 'the Gang's All Here'. 1940's

Voiceover 'The gang's all here. The biggest cast of great entertainers ever assembled for a musical comedy. Female dancers dressed in black, stand on a series of steps rotating, red neon lights they hold. The whole scene is bathed in a red glow. Close up of Alice Faye, wearing a distinctive 1940's dress in beige. Close up of Carmen Miranda smiling. Close up shot of Benny Goodman placed in the centre of his orchestra with soldiers in uniform listening to the music. Shot of threesome, including Phil Baker, Eugene Collette, Edward Horton. Cut to Charlotte Greenwood laughing on the telephone. Tony de Marco dancing with a partner. James Ellison dressed in army officer uniform. Gena Ryan. Shot of Busby Berkeley. Beauties in Characteristic routine. Brief shot of Carmen Miranda. Cut to brief dance sequence. Cut to on screen advertisement for films:- '8 Great Hit Parade Songs... Like'
'No Love No Nothing' Cut to Carmen Miranda singing 'Padvcah' Wearing distinctive Latin frill dress and hat but no fruit. Cut to Benny Goodman playing the clarinet to song ' Minnies in the Money' Cut to Alice Faye singing ' A Journey to a Star ' in distinctive red dress. Cut to Carmen Miranda singing ' The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat' wearing distinctive banana hat. On screen advertisement: ' A wondrous profusion of Stars Gaiety.... songs... girls!! and ' Hollywood, all time, all high spectacular treat' Shown over a shot of Tony de Marco dancing with partner. Cut to on screen credits for Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, Phil (take it or leave it) Baker, Benny Goodman and his orchestra. Final credits for direction Busby Berkeley, provided by William le Baron.

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