Film: 30

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Overview of Britain in early 1930's

Britain in under 3 minutes.
Ocean liner. London street scenes. Male commuters crossing a London bridge - most wear hats. A double decker bus. A policeman on points duty holding up traffic for pedestrians to cross the road. Flock of pigeons flying in Trafalgar Square. Piccadilly Circus with traffic passing by. Block of buildings with scaffolding erected against them. A London tram passing along the embankment in front of Big Ben. London lights at night.
A major road to Birmingham and the North. Bus passes and cyclists ride on a cycletrack alongside the road. Road sign says this is a track for pedal cyclists only - this is an early cycle lane. Single decker bus passes sign alongside road from a farm selling 'Home canned strawberries, blackcurrants. Pershore Egg', so this is presumably Worcestershire. Half timbered house in a town. Factory roofs and smoke. Large number of men leaving work probably a factory. Traffic roundabout with statues of King Edward VII and Queen Victoria in Victoria Square, Birmingham. Metal working. A line of women work in a factory. Men packing goods or dealing with scrap metal. Birmingham factories.
Central Manchester with traffic. Horse drawn cart or delivery wagon with cotton bales or packages on it. Man unloads cotton. Ship at Manchester Ship canal dock. Electricity generation. Tram and car at junction. Tram advertises Bovril.
Bradford woollen mill. Wool being carded by machine. Weaving loom at work. Two men check rolls of woollen goods. Girls and women leaving factory floor at end of shift.
Bustling scene with people and blackboard advertising trip to Blackpool for 2/6 or half a crown. Two men shake hands. This could be Wakes Week. Blackpool Tower and beach. View of beach from tower then of a crowded beach from beach level. Funfair ride on big dipper. Roundabout with people sitting in model aircraft flying in the air. Good point of view from a big wheel ride of people watching the big wheel ride. Blackpool lights.
Newcastle close up of rolling railway locomotive wheels. The Tyne Bridge. Shipping. Shipbuilding. Men leaving shipyards - all wearing flat caps.
Panorama of Sheffield. Steelmaking and stell furnace.
View of probably Nottingham city and bridge over river.
Leicester with lace being spun. Lots of women in a lace processing factory.
Farming. Man walks two horses along path. Haymaking with man riding small harvester. Mean stack sheaves of wheat or hay. Man carries wooden rake.
Children play in woods. Traffic on road to London. New factory in London. Aircraft factory. Two men work on engine propeller casing. The Houses of Parliament. The River Thames and Tower Bridge.

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