Film: 300

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Sri Lanka, near India, Asia 1920's

Map indicating where Ceylon is in relation to India, Asia, and Colombo, Ceylon. Street scene in Colombo, people passing on bicycles and mopeds. Police in shorts directing traffic as cart pulled by oxen pass behind and car turns right. Man carrying basket on head walking alongside cart drawn by oxen (in a village street). Water tank being pulled by oxen along road in countryside. Man controlling oxen with whip. Another standing on cart. Rear of the water cart spraying road with water. Ferry, rowed by two men at the first, crossing a river. Indian men lighting their cigarettes by a taper hanging from a shop front as children look on. One man scattering rice (?) in an arc while two others fan it. Road works in Ceylon, men using pick axes, women passing containers full of earth to be emptied in waiting lorry / truck. Indian palace, palm trees. Drummer circled by six male dancers. Four are dressed in white the remaining two in black. Shot of two male dancers in black dancing frantically, sort of witch doctor style, as the four dressed in white stand in the background smiling. Elephants, five elephants ridden by their trainers are walked into a river. They are made to lie in water and then stand with their trunks lifted. They walk out of the water and, in line, walk away. A beach, a primitive catamaran in the sea, catamarans on the beach (people in sea). Two old Indian men (with crowd behind them) eating leaves from a bag. European people sitting at a table on the beach beneath a beach umbrella. Some of the men are wearing pith helmets / hats. A native waiter is serving them. The camera focuses on the writer's head as he turns to reveal his long hair tied at the back of his head, a moustache and a transparent tiara. More shots of beaches (from above).

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