Film: 3000

War + Military | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Invasion of Austria by Hitler and the Nazis 1930's

Looks alot like 'Triumph Of The Will'. a Nazi standard with Swastika and Adolf Hitler's name. Himmler. A line of police in a Vienna, Austrian street. A woman raises her hand in a Nazi salute as civilians parade by. Travelling shot from a car at the crowded street. Soldier points his gun menacing a man and moves him away from a line of soldiers. Street full of people. Line of civilian men march past. One holds a banner. Line of police, then soldiers march past giving the Nazi salute. Tram full of people wave small swastika flags to people on the street. Car full of people with flags. Mounted police. Sea of raised hands in salute. Two men on a balcony. Emphasized, jerked salutes of crowds below. 'Staatsgrenze' on a sign as mounted soldiers go by. Mounted soldiers over a bridge and into Austria. Mounted soldiers hake hands with police. Close up of old man with grizzled beard and pipe. Close up of cheering crowd. People hand out of the windows of Hotel Egger as mounted soldiers pass. Columns of foot soldiers through the streets. A sea of Nazi flags. Goose stepping stormtroopers in columns. Horse drawn artillery and trucks. German soldiers smile and shake hands with the crowds as they pass. Young girls cheer. Austrian police remove the frontier barriers between Austria and Germany. Smart lines of S.S. inspected by Hitler, he walks past. Close up of soldiers and flag bearers. Hitler stands on swastika draped balcony. One shot of snow covered Tyrol. Soldiers with Tyrol behind. Troops on parade. Austrian troops swear allegiance to Nazi regime. Close up of faces and hands of Austrian soldiers. Hitler in motorcade through huge crowds. Hitler steps out of his car and salutes crowd. Huge square and building in Vienna. Hitler at the podium, speaks. Woman watches through opera glasses. Man in traditional clothes. People hang off the statues and salute. More motorcade Hitler, Goering and Goebbels inspect the army. Planes ply past. Nazi flag. Tank drive past. Troops in trucks. Band plays at roadside. Tank columns. More troops. Troops with long shadows on them. 'Bavaria'. Driving through the small towns of Austria, more smiling faces and flags. Hitler accepts flowers from a woman. Road sign says 'Wien'. Hitler motorcade.

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