Film: 3007

Food + Drink | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Works canteens and catering 1940's

Long introduction by man at a desk. Workers arrive at factory, clocking in. The food store like a shop. Sacks of sugar, crates of tea, butcher's shop, vegetables off lorries, washing cabbages, big kitchens, with huge catering size boiling pots and cupboard ovens. Women on factory production line and machining parts, part of the war time production push. Big potatoes boilers, steaming jam roly-poly, baking cakes, salad bar, serving lunch, special diets, eating in the canteen, about 2,000 people at one sitting in a huge dining room, band plays in the distance. Crowds around the food counters. Tea lady. The problems of massed catering in war time.

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