Film: 301

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Study of Californian Nudist Colony in the 1950's. Naturism.

Log cabin in front of mountain and forest. Naked woman stands outside looking at the view. Naked man sits on a chair next to a campfire. A little dog wags its tail. Second naked woman joins first and they walk towards the forest. Naked woman rides horse into left of frame. Naked family walk past, all holding hands. The children wear enormous boots. Children and adults sit around a pool on sun loungers. Caravans can be seen in the background. Man dives into pool. Voiceover tells us it's the Elsinore Nudist Colony in California. Group play volleyball behind pool. Pool from different angle. Man dives in. Women sit by the side. Old woman walks towards camera with strategically placed towel. Family sit around a table at the poolside. Man has a shower outdoors. The shower is hidden in a big bush and there is a second man showering on the other side. Only his face is visible. Women hang out towels on the washing line. Children play on swings outside caravans. Man and woman fencing. Close up on her face. His face seen over her shoulder. The both pretend not to notice the camera. Man in strategically-placed apron prods a barbecue. Woman at picnic table holds up baby. People eat behind her. Fully clothed chef (even wearing big hat) prods charcoal on barbie and looks at women. Two women nearby in silhouette. Another woman sets plates at the picnic table. Woman feeds baby from bottle. Group of men and women sit on and around big boulders. They begin to climb up cliff-side or hillside. Cut to group arriving at top of hill. Dramatic orchestral score, somewhat at odds with the pictures. The end.

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