Film: 3012

Media | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Behind the scenes on the James Bond film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Filming of the car chase in the ice rink in the Alps or Switzerland. Includes the actors Diana Rigg and George Lazenby.

View from inside a car driving, ice surrounding, toward stone steps, in the evening. George Lazenby as James Bond gets out of the car and slams the door, in an open street. View from inside the car of Lazenby walking away. He walks up some stone steps and turns right to a path. Another car drives along on the ice covered road. Lazenby hides behind something; he suddenly ducks. A man fires a machine gun out of the car window. The car drives away under cover of darkness. View from the front of a car. The driver turns his head around. Bond's car is driven away over an icy road, then pulls over by a large house to pick up Bond, who runs forward aiming his gun. The lights on the side of the house. Bond gets in, and the car drives past and onwards.

The other car drives on past snowy hillside. It drives past another house. A woman inside the car shouts something. A young woman driving. Lazenby and Diana Rigg, as Tracy, in the front of a car; Lazenby looks around. The car drives on a road between snow-covered ground. The old woman in the other car; a man in the back fires a gun shot. Car drives along the road between ice. Bond and Tracy in their car. The two cars drive along the road between the ice walls. The old woman in her car. Their car driving along; pan up and around to show a bend in the road.

Lazenby and Rigg; other car can be seen through back windscreen. The two cars drive around a corner. The inside of one of the cars. Top-down shot of one car. The inside of the second car. Lazenby looking through the back windscreen. The front of the second car, its headlights shining. The old woman shouting. The car zooms past. Lazenby and Rigg. View from their car as they go past a sign "Stock Car Eis-Rennen". Lazenby tells Rigg to carry on. View from the front of the car as it rapidly turns around. Top-down view of the second car driving in. It crashes through a barrier. It rushes forward, and the frame freezes; the title "Shot On Ice" superimposed.

Credits over aerial shot of mountains; zoom in to a man-made ice track that the voice-over says was specifically created for the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Diana Rigg in the car. From a different angle. From the first angle again. Rigg inside a set modelled on the inside of a car, various members of film crew around them. Lazenby sitting in there. From another angle, Lazenby smoking, a cameraman filming. Close-up on Lazenby's face. Another shot of him. Two crew members looking at the car. Technicians working on the set, Rigg sitting there. Film crew talking to Rigg; zoom in to a close-up on her face; she then ducks.

The director Peter Hunt, wearing thick clothes and a hat, giving instructions. Another crew member. Cameramen working with a camera. Many crew members surrounding the car. A man holding a folder containing many pieces of paper. An interpreter with a loudspeaker. Hunt supervising crew members as they work with the camera. Rigg and crew members. A man drinking from a cup. A man carrying a tray outside a car from which someone takes something to eat. A technician drinking.

Various crew members; the camera moves around and freezes on Eric Lovitzer (sp), an Austrian rally driver; it then moves around again, voice-over saying how he advised on the ice track, provided cars, and advised on their handling. Diana Rigg sitting in the car. Lovitzer and Rigg standing outside the car on the track; he gets in the car, starts it up and drives off, along the track and around a bend. The car being driven around the ice track. It comes towards the camera from around a corner. View from inside the car as he drives. View out of the front windscreen as the car goes around the track. Shot from by the front left hand wheel of the car as it goes around and then comes to a stop.

Hunt and crew members talking. Lovitzer talking to Hunt. Close-up on Hunt talking. He explains what to do to the rally drivers; voice-over about how telling the drivers what to do was one of the most important jobs for the film. Lovitzer talking to the other drivers; zoom out from him. Drivers wearing crash helmets discussing what to do. The drivers waiting around. Drivers with helmets standing on the ice. Lovitzer gets into a Ford car. A yellow car with "BP" and "Avon" logos on it. Two red and white cars. A man inside a rally car. The bottom of a car. A man in the driver's seat of a car; pan right to a banner above the track, "Ziel", and two other cars in front.

The cars start to move. The front of two cars as they move around. Two cars on the track, one trying to overtake the other. View from the front windscreen of one. The front of two cars as they move. View from the side of one car. Long shot of the cars going around. Two cars close to the inside of the track. The checked top of a car as it goes past a camera. A rally car's headlights illuminate a dark area of the track. Two white cars on the ice. A driver manouvring around the course. White car on ice. Three bashed cars drive around.

The front of two cars. The three cars. Fronts of cars. Driver steering. Fronts of cars as one tries to bash into another, which speeds away. A white car goes around a corner. Driver leaning forward in car. Two cars speed around wide corner. Car headlights gradually come into focus. Cars drive along a straight part of the track. Pan around to show cars going around a corner. Two cars, one trying to overtake the other. Again. Again. Cars go around a corner. Pull out to show a black car skidding. Lights.

The clip from the beginning of the black car driving up and shots fired at Bond, who ducks. The woman in the car firing the gun. Continue with the same footage up to and including where the car crashes through the barrier; however, instead of freezing, this time the footage continues. The car drives along straight road. Rigg screams in the car. They drive onwards. They crash through something. The car comes onto the track behind other rally cars. Rigg in the front of the car. Bond's car passes a rally car. Two other rally cars. Crowds watch the cars on the ice track. Rigg. Bond's car cuts in front of a rally car. Lazenby looks around. So does Rigg. A rally driver in his car. The second car comes onto the track and swerves around. The front of a car.

The second car drives up behind a mini and crashes into it. The old woman in the car swerves around. The back of the mini, as seen from the front of the second car. A man in the driver's seat. The mini spins out of control. The second car carries on and tries to overtake. The drivers in the front of a car. View from the front of a car. A straight bit of the track. Car driver. The second car drives up behind and crashes into one car, trying to overtake. Lovitzer in his car; he looks around. The spectators at the side as seen from a moving car. View from front of car. Rigg screams.

The second car tries to overtake a rally car. It shunts it over to the side. The rally driver rapidly spins the wheel. The second car continues. It smashes into the side of a car. The crowd stand up and cheer. The second car smashes into a white car. Bond's car. The second car hits another car. Again. It turns a corner close to the inside of the track. Two men in a car. The front of the second car. Hands turning a steering wheel. Rally car collides with second car. The side of the rally car. Lovitzer turns around. Two cars on a straight bit of road. Cars slide around a corner. Lovitzer in his car. The second car skids around the corner. Driver in car. It smashes into the side of the second car.

A red car drives onwards. Lovitzer steers. The second car smashes into his. Lovitzer grimaces. Rigg screams. Lazenby says something. Bond's car drives past two others. A driver is knocked sideways. Bond's car passes the others. A car slides around a corner. Lazenby. Rigg. View from the front of a car, of a white rally car. Two cars crash into each other. Lazenby steers. The front left of the second car. Cars drive over the camera. Lazenby looks. Rigg cheers. The second car and a rally car. Rally driver. Bond's car drives along. Lazenby smiles. The second car spins as if out of control. View from its front. The woman leans out to shoot at Bond. Rigg turns around. The two cars following each other. Bond's car overtakes a white car. Rigg turns around. The second car. They drive past spectators. Cars try to get in front of each other.

The second car. Rigg looks around. Cars driving; chaotic action. Rigg steers. Second car smashes into rally car. It drives up alongside it. The man and woman in the front of the second car. Chaotic action. Rigg steers. Car smashes into another. She manouevres their car. Cars driving alongside each other. View from front of one as it steers out of control. The second car crashes into a the side of the track and turns over. The car on fire. It explodes. Over footage of car driving, on-screen title: "The Producers wish to thank Eon Productions, Pinewood for their co-operation in this production." - this is followed by a Ford logo and credits. Lazenby tells Rigg where the car can exist the track. View from the front of the car as it leaves. They crash through another barrier. The car drives along on the ice, past officials. They drive away and onto the road.

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