Film: 3015

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Newsreel: air crash; sound and picture camera in action.
Entertainment People shown: Nancy Burne; Arthur Tracy; Louis Levy; Lawrence Tibbett, Larry Adler; Billy Scott Comber; June Clyde, Jean Muir, Thornton Freeland, Bert Ambrose: Evelyn Dall, John Lodge, Rene Ray; Elizabeth Allen; Wally Patch; H. E. Maltby; Roland Young; Maurice Chevalier; June Knight


Inter-title: Introducing us to film people, 'whose names you do not often hear..faces you seldom see-the News Reel producers', with their daily and nightly quest for news.
A hand with scissors cuts at a newspaper. Several clippings are added to a large pile of others. A man with large glasses and thin moustache talks on a phone at a desk. Two other men are shown also talking on phones. The shots are taken from below in an edgy style. Something is being typed. 'These eyes are ever on the watch for news that comes tapping through'. Close-up: A pair of squinting eyes, illuminated out of shadow, move back and forth. 'What is that…an aeroplane has crashed..that has pictoral news value'. Printed words on a page; one section is illuminated, the rest in shadow. The strip gets brighter, the shot gets closer and we can read the text.
'..The strip of news is given to the Editor..who phones the cameraman, describing..the event'. A man sits at a corner office desk beside the windows. The desk is full of paper and a smart Art-Deco desk lamp is visible. Another man hands him a piece of paper; he flicks a switch on the inter-com machine on his desk.
Another man picks up a phone and talks, nodding. The office man passes on information, it is understood. ' Within a few seconds he is taking his film..and they are off!'. A wet street. A man runs holding a few containers, passes them to another waiting by an open car door, and gets in. Good high angle shot of smart (Citroen Traction-looking) car. The other man get in and the car drives off.
Inter-title: At the scene of the crash in Kent, with sound and film apparatus, they film a '..story that will on every cinema screen within a few hours'. A man operates a film camera on the roof of a car whilst another is on the ground adjusting sound equipment and wearing headphones. Close-up: The man pans with the camera. Pan shot of wreckage from plane crash littering a grassy site. The cameraman films more footage. The main bulk of the plan can be seen amongst tall hedge-row and grass; two British policemen with long uniformed coats inspect the crash. Point of view shot from roof of car: sound operator signalling upwards. The camera man removes the roles of film and drops them down. A car drives down a country lane. 'Back at the laboratories, we see the film coming off the developing machines'. Film being processed through a developer. 'Now screened for the decide..the best parts'. An audience in a dark room. A man with a projector. 'The commentary (is) added in the sound recorders booth'. A man wears white gloves to handle the film on an editing machine. He rubs the film and moves it on. A man sits at a microphone and talks; someone signals from behind. Two men work at similar machine, one hold scissors. Peoples sit and watch in a screening room; the lights form the projector can be seen.

00:03:51 Nancy Burne ' her charming mews flat, preparing for her departure for the studio'. Interior. N.B.sits at an elegant dressing table and brushes her hair. She has a stylish short wavy-bob and is wearing a silky dressing gown. She takes care styling her hair. Several shots of the dog ornaments and dog mascots that she has on her dressing table. N powders her nose with a large puff and stands back to camera. Shot dissolves as she takes off her dressing -gown, appearing again fully dressed in ladies suit. She sits on a chair by an Art-Deco fireplace and pours herself some coffee. Close-up of her drinking from decorated cup. She stands and places a tilted trilby-style hat on her head. Exterior. A smart Traction -Avant style car. N leaves the house with a Rough Collie dog( 'Tiger') and they get into the car. N is in drivers seat, whilst dog is in the back but with head stuck out. The car drives off. Two other dogs follow for a bit.
00:05:23 Arthur Tracey and Louis Levy. Exterior. An elegant garden with neat hedge. A female statue with a dart-board hung on it. Arthur throws darts. He walks to the board, removes them and hands them to Louis, with is smoking. They laugh and point. The statue - with a dart stuck in the eye. They continue to play. The men shake hands and joke together.
00:06:08 '..two American visitors..who are they?' North bank of Thames, good but grainy shot. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben visible; birds flying; tree in silhouette; tall river-side lamp. Two men look out at water, someone feeds the birds. A steam boat moves on the water in front of factories/warehouses. Close-up: Two young and stylish men in silhouette turn to camera, smile and pose. An iron bridge( possibly Blackfriars) with steam boat passing underneath. Inter-title: 'Why, Lawrence Tibbett and Allen Adler'. The men turn away from the water, smiling at the camera and walk off together. Seagulls and bridge behind.
00:06:47 'Brian Lawrence is having a hard game against Marjorie Stediford and Billy Scott-Comber'. A man in elegant thirties-style tennis whites makes a serve. Another man returns the serve. Both men are partnered by attractive young ladies in stylish tennis outfits. The game is energetic and fun. One man jokes using the racket as a banjo.
00:07:13 'June Clyde at Waterloo saying good-bye to her director-husband, Thornton Freeland. An attractive woman and man, kiss each other and a few friends, smiling and talking. '..And on another platform is Jean Muir..'. She walks amongst a lot of luggage on the platform, checking the labels. Jean is in Trafalgar Square feeding the pigeons. One pigeon is feeding from her open hand. Jean walks amongst the birds; fountain and National G are visible behind. Close-ups of her smiling at the camera and feeding a flapping bird.
00:08:18 'In the kitchen of a famous club, Bert Ambrose and Evelyn Dall having the time of their lives making a mess of pottage'. They stand t a kitchen table both stirring at a big bowl with two wooden spoons. Evelyn has a cute flick styled into her hair. Bert gestures to her to get an ingredient. Flour/ingredients in a bowl, currants are added. Beautiful close-up of Evelyn laughing at Bert. Bert laughs as a chef tries to pour something into the mixture; he stops him. Evelyn laughs hard. The chef pours from a bottle into the recipe and Bert pretends to taste and to be disgusted. Much hilarity continues. B tries to feed E from the spoon.
00:09:13 ' talking of food, here is John Lodge thinking about a bite of lunch- while Gertrude Michael appears over the horizon. Is it a ''date''?' Two men enter a yard with large warehouse behind with 'Associated British Picture Corporation Ltd. Written on a building behind. Two women make the same entrance. John Lodge turns, looks and waves. Gertrude walks up with friend; she seems to be wearing an evening gown under a long out-door coat. Her hair is elegantly curled into style, she smile at the camera.


00:09:59 ' A visit to the British factory of an American make-up genius'. A man in a white lab coat sits at a desk and answers the phone. A man and a woman sit by a large window, at high benches with laboratory/work equipment in front of them. An old man looks into a microscope and moves back to let a younger man in lab coat take a look. The lab coat has the name 'Max Factor' sewed above the pocket. 'This man.. is weighing.. powder of different shades..' to mix in to colours. A man sits at a large desk scale, encased in glass and adds something to it. Rows of shelves with pots and jars can be seen behind him. A man operates a large metal mixing machine. The machine mixes product with cream-like consistency. 'After this process it is baked, broken up and prepared for sifting'. The mixer slow down. A large metal barrel-shaped machine is operated. It spins fast. A container is pushed quickly along the floor of the factory by a worker and then loaded on to a small lift. The lift is raised as a man by a man turning a handle on it. The container reaches the top of a platform; another man, takes it and scoops something product out and deposits it into something else. A machine operates with the round container on it, vibrating quickly; the lid is lifted and powder can be seen, falling. A long tube is attached to a vertical metal funnel-contraption. A female worker passes small metal containers to a second woman who fits them briefly under this machine. Close-up of this production process, with cans being slid down a shoot. Metal cans sliding down and moving along a conveyor belt. A woman sits and weighs the tins one by one. Another wipe the tins and puts a label on them. A third woman presses the labels and puts a top on.
'These girls dust and pack the boxes- only to be unpacked in a Bond Street Beauty salon for Rene Ray'. A long line of women either side of a table, dusting the tins. An open box of finished tins; one is removed. A smart made-up lady/model (presumably Rene Ray) with highly plucked eyebrows has powder applied by a make up artist. The powder is dabbed and then excess is removed with a brush. Shot from behind: The lady faces a mirror in a chair; the other applies powder. A smart salon with flowers to the side. The woman's eye-brows and lips are painted.
00:13:32 ' Now we see, in Regent's Park, June Baxter with her Dachshund'. June is running after a dog in the park. She is wearing a fashionable tweed suit. She calls to the Dachshund and picks it up, showing it to the camera and smiles.
'Here is Elizabeth Allen…she is a keen horsewoman'. Outside a stable. Elizabeth stands next to a large black horse and calls to her dog. She holds the horse steady and mounts it. Close-up of Her sat on horse in riding gear with hat. She leads the horse out of the stable yard. Elizabeth canters around a field on the horse; it is a misty cold day. She rides up to the front entrance of an elegant country house, dismounts, giving her riding crop to her dog to hold. Close-up of Elizabeth Allen stroking her horse.
15:25:01 ' Vivienne Duncan, one of the famous Duncan sisters, with her little daughter'. Duncan holds the hand of a small girl as they walk along a path in a very large and elegant garden. It is like the garden of a 18th Century stately home. The girl is dressed like a doll, with a large bow in her hair. Vivian is smartly dressed with a fitted white jacket. A kitten plays on the lawn. Vivian and child come to a small boat and get in. The kitten runs up to the side, Duncan picks it up and puts it inside. They push the boat away with the oars.
16:06:21 ' the Pinewood Club is Margaret Vyner and Patrick Barr; Leslie Cardew, publicity chief of Pinewood Studios joins them'. Margaret and Patrick walk in a garden and sit in a stone alcove in a wall. They are relaxed and talking; Margaret is smoking. Leslie approaches and kneels down next to them, he has a notebook and seems to be asking questions. Margaret makes to sneeze and Patrick stops her nose. They talk to Leslie. Overhead shot of the interview.
16:38:19 'Wally Patch and comedian-author H.F Maltby.' The two men sit in chairs relaxing and a waiter bring a tray of drinks. They do a silly comedy routine. One man gets a large pint of frothy ale, blowing the head off in excitement. The other is upset to receive a tiny amount in a small glass, which he then drinks and finds to be disgusting.
16 :59:11 'On his way to the Library between shots is Roland Young'. Young walks up a grand stone garden staircase, with large monumental vases on it, ( possibly at Pinewood studios). He carries a book under his arm as her approaches the entrance of the building. He arrives at some glass doors and turns to smile at the camera.
17:18:23 '…Vivienne Duncan…June Knight, with Maurice Chevalier, drinking good luck to the Club Manager'. An elegant society scene. Exterior in sunlight, on an elegant stone veranda. The two ladies are seated, the men stand as a waiter opens a bottle of Champagne at the table. The all stand, toast and drink.
' And now we lave Pinewood and June Knight bids you all Cheerio!'. Close-up. June is wearing a white fur coat and a delicate white hat with veil. She is wearing a diamond bracelet and ring and her hair is in tight neat curls. She looks into the camera, makes a toast and then drinks.

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