Film: 3025

Feature Drama | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Story of the life of Christ. Early epic with many extras 1910's

Nativity in Bethlehem to Crucifixion. Long drawn out sequence of Jesus being led through streets, nailed to the cross and hanging from the cross in agony.

Narrator gives running commentary throughout the film and speaks the lines of the actors. His voice is almost absurdly reverend and in the background there is some very holy and divine music playing throughout. Lots of 'and he said unto them….'

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. Jesus and his disciples relax on settles. The disciples listen eagerly to what Jesus has to say. Jesus gives Judas a cup to drink from and tells him he must do what he is bid. Judas drinks from the cup and then leaves. Jesus gives the rest of the disciples bread to represent is body and wine to represent his blood. Jesus prays. Judas comes back with a band of soldiers. Judas kisses Jesus on the cheek and so betrays him. The soldiers grab Jesus and take him away. Judas repents that he betrayed Jesus and can not live with himself so he hangs himself on a tree. Pilate asks Jesus if he is the King of the Jews. Jesus refuses to answer. Jesus is taken away. An angry mob throws fruit etc at Jesus as the soldiers lead him through the crowded streets. Jesus is dressed only in a loin cloth. He is tied to a pole and his bare back is whipped repeatedly. Jesus is brought before Pilate again. Pilate asks him again. Pilate can not get a satisfactory answer from Jesus and says he has no option by to deliver Jesus to the people. Jesus is forced through a crowded street, he is wearing a crown of thorns and carries his cross. He is whipped as he goes by soldiers. A woman (Mary Magdalen?) throws herself at his feet. Street scenes with the angry mob. Mary and some other woman pray for Jesus. Jesus is nailed to the cross while it is lying on the ground then he is hoisted up. He hangs on the cross. His body is taken by his disciples and placed inside a tomb. Trumpet fanfare sounds as the image of Jesus is resurrected. A crowd prays to god. Images of churches and temples all over the world with the symbol of the cross superimposed on them.

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