Film: 3029

London | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Croydon, south of London 1970's

Rostrum camera work of old map of London panning down to Croydon and of prints of old Croydon Manor. Stills of Archbishops of Canterbury. The Old Palace - current film. It became a girls' school. School girls play in playground. External and internal shots of school. School of Whitgifts and still of John Whitgift. Still of almshouses. Film of almshouses. Two elderly women chat outside almshouses. Old women receiving their allowance at the door of the almshouse - a daily note. The almshouses in North End with traffic passing. Engravings of coaching inns. Film of remains of the Surrey Iron Railway - the first goods railway for public use in the world which ran between Croydon and wandsworth. Simple animation of a horse pulling coal wagons - 36 tons at a time. The bed of a disused canal - Deptford to Croydon. Railway tracks in part of the course. Panoramic sweep of the roofs of houses. Villas in Croydon. Smart housing. Woods in Croydon. Stills of terraced housing of 1870's. Film of row of red brick terraced houses. Man in cardigan walks into living room, sits and reads 'The Advertiser'. Film of modern shopping street of Croydon. People mill about. Shops as we pan along are Burton, Etam, W. H. Smith & Son, Freeman Hardy Willis - the street is North End. In the living room the man picks up a black and white cat and strokes it. People outside Allders shop standing in a bus queue. Man strokes cat. Outside of Allders and a double decker green bus. Engravings.

Surrey Street Market at dawn and through early morning. Tomato stall. Cauliflower seller. Orange stall. Woman buys mushrooms, another pineapples. A jellied eel stall (a real East End item). Barrow boy carts boxes. Stall outside supermarket. Bus queue. Shops are Hepworths, Chelsea Girl, Seeboard, and the Forum Shopping Centre? The shopping precinct of the Whitgift Centre. Skyscrapers. Office buildings. Cranes and the construction of office buildings. Views of many offices. Pan across roofs and of offices.

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