Film: 3033

Feature Drama | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Amateur home movie story film with sound. Includes good shots of Piccadilly Line Stations in North London. Two girls foil industrial espionage gang 1960's

Two sisters playing with a ball in a garden. Ball gets lost. They go to alleyway to look for it, find a note saying meet here at 11. They go back next day and lie in wait out of curiosity. Man pulls up in Austin car and leaves small suitcase by the side of the road. Two girls follow another girl who picks it up. They walk over 'Suicide bridge' at Highgate and look down. Follow girl into Oakwood Underground station. Tube train arrives. Girls get on. Good shots of Underground train interiors (just the girls passengers seen). POV of train pulling into Arnos Grove. Case girl exits. She leaves Embankment and walks over Hungerford Bridge to the South Bank. Various shots of her walking on the walkways near the Hayward Gallery. Another girl now picks up the case. Girl sisters follow her into a building. They get locked in. They jump out of a window. They overhear adults making plans. They go to Deans Park (?) where they eavesdrop on a woman and a girl planning a rendezvous with a man in a car to give him the case. One sister goes to phone the police while the other follows the girl with the case. A Mini pulls up and case girl gets in (this is a police decoy we later find out). Another car pulls up and asks one of the sisters where Hillingdon is, he tries to get her to get into the car but she refuses and he drives off. Arnos Grove station exterior, girls board a bus. Get off at Southgate Station. They walk to the police station. Inside a policeman shows them the intercepted case containing an electrical thingy which is a big industrial secret and which the gang were trying to steal.

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