Film: 3034

Education | 1950 | Mute | B/W


A record of life at Hull University, ('one of the three great Universities') 1950s

The detailed look at life in a modern university of the 1950s with, shock horror, women students, but at least secured in a female only hall of residence. Classes, union bars, seminars, lectures, student services and facilities. Student life.

Probably filmed around February 1951 and it looks pretty cold throughout the film. Long shot of students emerging from red brick building. In later years this was known as the Senate House of the University. Nissen hut evident to the side. Students walk past more Nissan huts and scaffolding indicating expansion of the University. Caption tells us that the University had 50 students in 1945 and 900 in 1951. Committee meeting of lecturers or similar as they look at plans. Workmen on building site. Last builder climbs a ladder to scaffolding surrounding metal superstructure of building under construction. A mixer, possibly mixing cement. Close up of brick-laying.
Students walk up drive in the morning. Some black students. Women enter building. Female student check pigeonhole for message. She wear undergraduates gown. Walks upstairs and along corridor and enters room just before older man similarly dressed does the same. In a small lecture theatre or classroom. Algebraic equations on a blackboard. At 12.30 people break for lunch. Students leave one building and make their way to the refectory. They queue as hot dinners are ladled out. Male and female student have lunch, then he clears away his plate. Noticeboard with a poster for a film - 'I Married a Witch' on it. Also announcements for the Evangelical Union and Bible Study. A notice for a music recital in 'Thwaite', a Hall of Residence for females, either then or later.
Shot from high up behind a male and a female student as they walk away from the camera on a rough track. The Rugby pitch on the Sports Field. A football match in progress as couple stroll around, rather ill at ease. She wears a Hull University scarf.
A meeting or debate. Man speaks with passion, others hold hands up to be called by the chair. One young man stands to speak. Close up of young man yawning as if bored. Chair bangs gavel. Man lights cigarette. Man lights Bunsen Burner in laboratory. A Common Room. A Tearoom with talking. The old library. Refectory. People playing cards in an annex at a low round table. Female and male student emerge from main gate onto Cottingham Road. A bus queue filmed from opposite, bus pulls up and people get on (we don't see this). Bus pulls off. Bus stops and various students get off. In man's room he takes off his jacket. In washroom he soaps his face prior to shaving. In girl's room she powders her nose. A bell rings - one of those old fashioned bells attached to the wall with a small moving clanger. Close up of man blowing a whistle. Girls leave their rooms and traipse downstairs. In their hut the boys leave their rooms and put on overcoats before going off to refectory for communal dining. Senior female lecturer or official bids the girls to sit. In a separate dining hall soup is served to the boys. Close up of hands helping themselves to loads of food (still during rationing).
Battleaxe oversees the young female students.
Girls are dismissed. Back in his room boy reads for half an hour, then close up of his hands dialling a telephone number. Girl is called away from her studies in the library. They speak on the phone. The phone she uses is clearly an old fashioned Button A and Button B machine. Couples at a dance, filmed from one floor above looking down on them as they dance on a parquet floor. Boy walks girl home at end of the dance. He then bicycles home. When he gets in, a group of men are drinking tea and smoking. He smiles delightedly and hangs his overcoat on the back of his door. He goes to bed and turns the light out.

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