Film: 3036

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Wonderful look at design for modern living 1960's

Fairly fast cut, artistically shot, with just music and no commentary.
Computers, lights, clock, taps, radio, bathroom, man shaving with electric shaver, shaver. Toaster, kettle, family at breakfast, cutlery, umbrella stand, Mini car, diesel trains, interior, details, level crossing, jeep, commuters arrive, folding bicycle, parking meter, Westway motorway, London, JCB, Centre Point, tower block, London, Martins bank, escalator, large open plan office, phones, phone boxes (not red), watches, Rolls Royce car, restaurant, park bins, bottling factory, pressed steel works, scanner in a hospital, South Bank Centre, London, exteriors, power station, office with terminals, lift, stacking chairs, multi-storey car park, woman watching TV, man pours a drink, record player, cooker, kitchen, woman cooks in fitted kitchen, dish washer, woman removes make-up, man removes watch, cuff-links etc. Couple go to bed.

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