Film: 3040

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Travelogue of Ireland or Eire 1960's

Irish hills and mountains, unidentified. Map of Ireland showing location of major towns and cities. Mountains of Maun in the east with irregular skyline. Further south the Wicklow mountains, high heather covered summits with boulder strewn valleys. Views of Ireland's highest mountains located in the south-west. Coastline being battered by Atlantic waves. West and further upland are the wild boggy fields of Mayo and Connemara with bare rocky mountains also evident. In far North-west the mountains are more rounded and regular and covered with peaty moorland. North-east with flat topped atoll in Antrim, again with wind swept moorland. Waterfalls. On north coast the Giant's Causeway. The main lowland area stretches 100 miles from west to east (shown on diagram) and 50 miles from north to south. Much of this broad central lowland is covered with large shallow lakes. Rivers and streams. Peat bog. Long winding ridges, formed from gravel and stone left by sub-glacial streams during the ice age. In western lowlands limestone is the surface rock. Water table is so high, small lakes are found here as well. Field with horses grazing. Shrubs and flowers. Views of clean sandy beaches in long shot. Rain and mist on windswept rocks. Cattle and sheep grazing on small croft farms. Thatched crofts. In western lowlands beef cattle are reared. Shown in rural setting and being fattened on rich pastures of country house estates. Grasslands in east with race horses. East coast with beach and railway line. Combine harvester sowing and harvesting arable crops such as cereal. Pigs. Cattle in field. Golden veil of Tipperary. Dairy cattle are brought in for milking. Milk urns are delivered to the local creamery where the milk is weighed and pasteurised. Surplus milk is delivered to larger towns such as Limerick. Market town on market day. Cattle being bought and sold. Belfast city centre with buses and cars. Belfast lock with ship building yards, and ships being constructed. Aircraft factory adjacent to lock. Linen factory, with designs being painted by hand. Peat being cut from bogs. Electricity is now supplied to many homes in the west. Hydro-electric power (H. E. P.) station at Ballyshannon. Electricity being generated at power stations. Pylons. Women and young children walk to church. Tricolour flag, government seat in Dublin. Stormont Castle. Customs and excise post at border between the north and south. Signs in Irish Gaelic and English. Live cattle being transported by ship. Cheese and butter. Goods such as wheat grain and fertilizer arriving at port. Other goods which arrive include coal, oil for oil-fired power stations. Tourists arrive at sea port. airplane arriving at Shannon airport. Aer Lingus flight landing at Dublin airport. Young children and families playing on beach. Various scenic shots. Small landowner remains the predominant presence in rural parts of Ireland. Seen here planting seeds and driving cattle.

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