Film: 3047

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Harmonisation of Hurricane fighter aircraft during World War Two / Battle of Britain 1940's

Narrator explains the jobs of different ground crew to get a Hurricane fighter re-armoured and ready for combat. NCO has to inspect the aircraft. Gun sights checked. Checks sights in cockpit. Tests sights at 50 yard distance. To check the gun sights the aircraft must be level and completely straight with the wings at 90 degrees to the testing line. The testing line is a series of targets suspended on wires at various heights. The aircraft tail is jacked up so the aircraft is level. Guns aimed at the testing line. Adjustments to the gun bore are made. NCO adjusts other gun. NCO adjusts sights. Checked alignments and that the aircraft is still completely level and straight. Uses a spirit level on the body work of the aircraft. Checks the guns are aiming at the testing targets. Various RAF types, one in a flying jacket, looks through the gun sight. They stand on the wing to see. One gun is slightly out. It is adjusted. Guns are locked in place once they are correctly aligned. Wire holds the guns in place. Checked by NCO. NCO checks sights in cockpit.
Title ' Quick Turn Around '
How to rearm a fighter in the shortest possible time. Narrator explains who does what job. The Armourer checks with the pilot that the guns are made safe. Then the Armourer works on top of the wing and his mate works underneath the wing. The guns are cleared. The Armourer checks the cannon and empties a magazine. Same on the other wing. The Rigger inspects the bodywork of the aircraft and looks for enemy damage. The Electrician and Wireless Operator check the systems in the cockpit. The Photographer inspects the on board camera and fits it with a new magazine of film. Empty oxygen canisters are removed from the cockpit and full ones brought on board. The Armourer cleans and oils the gun barrels. A fuel tanker comes and fills up the aircrafts tank. The Narrator says these quick maintenance jobs do not replace a full maintenance check, but just ensure that the plane is ready for action. Close up of man kneeling on the wing of the aircraft. All we see are the underside of his boots and his bottom faces the camera. The narrator says that the boots are made from rubber to protect the body work of the aircraft. The Armourer cleans the cannon barrels with a mixture of anti-freeze and paraffin. Ammunition canisters and magazines are loaded and strapped into place inside the body of the wing. No one is to enter the line of fire now the guns are loaded. The gun holes are covered with tape and the cannon is covered over. The Armourer climbs into the cockpit and increases the air pressure in the guns. The guns and cannon are now ready for firing and the aircraft is re-armed.

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