Film: 3050

Aviation | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie of Fairey Pilotless Aircraft on trial 1950's

Some air to air, take-offs, landings and in flight. Filmed over coast and with mountains in background, could be Anglesea? Aircaft all painted top half yellow, bottom half red. Has British RAF round military markings. All aircraft single engine, two compartment. Look like Percival Proctors? - notorious for tipping on nose!
Aircraft filmed from another aircraft. Side view. 2 cockpits, both empty. Flying over water with hills in the background. Landing on the airstrip. Control tower. Very dark. Pilot gets out of plane. Aircraft taxiing. Ground crew inspect undercarriage. Take off. Landing. Take off from a distance. Surrounding countryside. Aircraft in mid air. Take off. Landing gear comes down. Touch down. Take off. Landing gear. Touch down. Take off. Landing strip. Very bumpy landing, kangaroo hops along airstrip. Close up of take off. Flying over the coast. Over water. Landing. Beach with mountains behind. One touch down, the aircraft skids and crashes. View from the air of rescue team rushing to damaged aircraft. Control tower. Aircraft flying, aerial side view, rear wheel visible. Landing gear comes down. Touch down. Landing gear touch down. Pilot disembarking. Airstrip. Landing. Watched by 2 ground staff. Landing, bounces along runway. Aerial view of take off. Fly past a battle cruiser war ship. View of aircraft from another aircraft.
Title ' First Attempt '
Several men seem to be trying to hoist something using ropes and pulleys. Aircraft. Landing. One aircraft tipped on nose, crashed. Airmen stand around looking at it.

(18 mins)

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