Film: 3054

Personalities | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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(note see 19535 for most of the following in colour) Adolf Hitler at the mountain retreat of Berchtesgaden, Germany 1940's

He is wearing a white overcoat and military cap walks through a doorway. He is smiling at the camera. Fellow Nazis follow. Hitler responds to the Nazi salute given to him by an old woman in his characteric fashion of acceptance by extending his arm towards the woman and then his torso. A member of the S.S. in the background. Two men in long coats - one white, one brown stand in the background. They wear motorcycle goggles on their heads. Panning shot showing a group of young children who have gathered to see Hitler. He keeps a distance from them. Hitler appears in light jacket and dark trousers on balcony of mountain top retreat. He wears an Iron Cross and his hands are clasped behind his back. He looks straight down for a long time as several young puppies walk around him. He smiles. Two bodyguards stand in the background. He is momentarily distracted and looks off camera. Similar shot, this time from behind. He holds gloves in his hands. He looks out over the hills in the distance. Shot cuts back to the previous sequence. Close up of Hitler looking directly at the camera. A high ranking officer stands beside him. They chat briefly. Point of view shot taken over this officer's shoulder showing Hitler talking. Hitler wearing a double breasted suit holds the hands of a young boy who at one point turns to look at the camera. Hitler starts to walk towards the patio. He is handed his hat by someone off screen. Two men turn to Hitler. He stands listening rocking backwards and forwards on his heels. In the background are hills and mountains. Hitler is shot in profile over a series of five shots. In the background a woman sits in a deckchair. Officers standing around in background. Hitler has removed his hat and stands in profile. Behind him are mountains and an unopened parasol. He wears an Iron Cross medal. Close ups of Hitler wearing hat with hills in background. Hitler talks to a bald headed man who casually puts his hands on his hips. An officer appears with a camera. A nervous woman enters the frame. Hitler holds a pair of gloves and crosses his hands in front of him. Eva Braun strokes a dog. She wears a floral pattern dress. She lifts the dog up.
Winter - a group of women walk down a path which has been cleared of snow. One wears a leopard print coat (possibly Eva Braun). Close ups as they continue their walk. Hitler and man walk over the brow of a hill in shadow. He carries a walking stick. Hitler talks to a young woman on a bridge, where a small group of chiefly women may be seen. Hitler stands rather uncomfortably beside two women, one of whom may be Eva Braun. She sits stroking a dog. Hitler without a hat, but with double breasted jacket looks on. Intertitle 'Wir geben gassi'. Winter's day. Two men and three women play with two dogs in the snow. Eva Braun (?) holds up a dog close to the camera. Woods near a lake. Two middle aged men and one woman play with bulldog. The family sit at a table in the forest. Eva Braun reclines on a lounger in the sun. Shot of her, and Braun on her knees overlooking the lake. Gardens. Garden party on patio. Winter on a frozen lake. People sweep away snow to prepare a small ice rink. A man teases the boxer dog. People dance on the frozen ice. Woman (Braun?) arranging flowers. Family and friends take a walk in the park.
Underexposed footage of a woman walking along a stream holding her dress up. Women make their way across stream. Dog plays with an empty container. Intertitle "anser Harsden". Exterior of a wealthy home. A woman with a hose pipe plays with a dog. Woman playing table tennis. A woman in swimming costume plays with hose pipe and dog. The fully dressed woman caresses the dog. A man in military uniform chases the dog around a garden. Young women sit and chat. Officers sit with women talking. Intertitle "Radiverein". A man wearing traditional German costume with feathered cap cycles through a doorway. Several other people on bicycles follow. A woman, perhaps Eva braun, appears on a bke. The same woman cycles towards the camera on a hillside road. Traditionally dressed men drink beer on a sunny day.
Intertitle 'Brand In Reim' Medium shot of a farmhouse on fire. A crowd looks on. Jet of water is focussed on the centre of the fire. Eva Braun sits on the deck of a ship and points skyward. She wears a very distinctive hat. She is accompanied by three other people. Together they gaze at the sea. Hitler wearing double breasted suit and military cap bends down and gives some dried twigs to a young girl.
Intertitle 'Auf Dem Berghof' A fully dressed Nazi with Swastika plays with a young girl. Behind him sitting on awall are four Nazis one dreseed in full uniform. Close up of a young girl kissing her mother who reclines in a deck chair in the sun. Hitler bends down to shake her hand and touches the outstretched foot of the young girl. He pars her gently on the face and they walk along the balcony at the Berchtesgaden. Behind them can be seen flower beds. Hitler smiles at the young girl. Behind them a woman is reclining on a lounger. Eva Braun holds up a pet rabbit which she kisses. She walks towards the camera. Hitler bends down again touching the face of another young girl. As she walks away he laughs. Two Nazis one wearing a white jacket with dark jophurs and another wearing a dark uniform hand the little girl a bag whichy she duly hands to Hitler. He opens it and she peerds inside. She runs away again and he smiles. During this sequence Hitler carries a walking stick. Hitler stands on the balcony at the Berchtesgarten. He talks to a servant dresssed in white. Between them in the immediate backgroung stands a soldier wearing a light brown jacket and Swastika armband. Hitler reaches into his pocket for his watch with his left hand. His two surbordinates react quickly to find their watches to relay the time. Hitler kisses the hand of an unidentified woman. Behind him sits another woman. He makes four formal salutes to people off screen before shaking their hands. Brief close-up as he passes the camera. Another gathering on top of the balcony at the Berchtesgarten. Hitler talks to an elderly man. Behind him a young woman smiles. Panning shot of Hitler walking past windows. He wears a double-breasted suit, white shirt and black tie. Hitler stands on the balcony sharing a joke with two friends. He wears the same clothes as above. He sweeps his hair out of his eyes. He talks briefly to his friend. Panning shot of a gathering of people awaiting the arrival of Hitler. Gardens with german officers running around. Motor car cavalacade appears. Front car with newsreel cameraman on top. Hitler in open topped car salutes to the thousands who have packed the streets and square behind. The crowd salutes Hitler. As the car pulls in Hitler shakes the hand of an unidentified soldier. Other Nazis in full uniform take still photographs and one uses a 16mm camera. This event covered by three seperate cameras. The remaining cars are filled up with high ranking Nazis. Close-up of Hitler looking stern. He walks purposefully up a mountainside road hands behind his back, past three woman towards an unoccupied car. Hitler stands at the foot of some steps possibly at Berchegaden hands clasped in front of him. He walks up the steps and turns briefly to face the camera. Panoramic views of the hills surrounding Berchtesgaden. Hitler stands facing the camera. A young boy stands in front of him. They are joined by a young girl. Hitler looks down on them like a benevolent father. Both are very Aryan. An open topped car pulls up at the foot of Berchtesgaden steps. A man dressed like a sheik is greeted by german soldiers. Hitler stands on the balcony of the bErctesgaden surrounded by other officers. Continuation of an earlier sequence of thr film. A young woman ice skates on a stretch of pond. Intertitle - Zoo.
Tigers move around with an air of despondancy. Squirrel climbs up Eva Braun. Eva plays with the squirrels. Swan or Goose. Wilderbeest. Giraffes. Baboons. Elephant. Walrus. Seal.
Intertitle - Die Schule von Fischbam
Hitler dressed in white trench coat talks to some bemused but smiling schoolchildren. He pulls a beautiful young german girl with flowing blond locks towards him. In the darkness of a houseHitler smiles. Accompanied by a dozen officers he leaves the house wearing a white trench coat. Hitler stands smiling at a group of schoolchildren. This is a repeat of an earlier sequence. This time however he shakes the hand of a woman. Panning shot of Hitler officers and woman with children. Blurred undewrexposed footage ends the film.

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