Film: 3057

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Silent slapstick comedy but with the superb Lupino Lane 1920's

"Romantic marriages under cover have been told of in volumes - but they are well and truly bound in Morocco and have nothing to do with the case."
People are praying. Four men come in late.
"This is the bridge - bride - inexperience caused her to select an oriental honeymoon - a widow would have known better"
A woman is looking at a picture of a man.
"Excess baggage carted along on the honeymoon - her father."
The woman is with the men. A man is painting.
"The groom, who once painted a house so natural he was offered seventy five dollars a month for it, unfurnished. Lupino Lane".
The man still painting. He is moving so he almost fell in a lake that was behind him. A man comes in.
"Ben Hammered, the Mighty, Caliph of Ginfez, is a glutton for punishment - he has two hundred wives - and is looking for more."
He looks at the woman with the picture. She starts running and he goes after her. The painter follows them. On the way he is always falling down and making other people fall down as well. The painter makes the man fall down and when he shows him a knife the painter wants to take a picture of him. He calls his guards. They all come in and when they are taking the painter somewhere, he runs away from them. They all follow him. The painter walks in front of the man and he doesn't recognise him because he has different clothes. When he wants to take pictures the woman looks at him and thinks that he is the man. She goes inside the house and the man is behind her. The painter sees it and goes inside. The man destroys his camera so he decides to put his clothes all over him so he cannot see anything. The woman starts running. Outside the house she thinks the painter is the man so he takes his clothes off and she understands that he is not the man. They are both very happy. The man takes the painter inside the house and when he wants to punch him he feels something on his head. He can't take it off and the painter helps him. In the end the painter has it on his head. The woman helps him to take it off. Another man comes in and when he takes it off, he has it on his head. They want to take it off but the guards come in and take the painter with them. He runs away from them.
A woman is going to the palace and the painter is going as well - she doesn't know it!. A man comes in.
"Ali Baba, the Queen's boyfriend, would walk a mile for his camel any old day".
After he kisses his wife, a man comes in and tells him:
"Your favourite wife is in the arms of another."
The man runs away and his wife is alone in the room. He goes there to try to find the man. He is very mad - angry - and tells his wife
"If I find a man in the harem, I'll throw him to the lions."
He shows her the lions. The painter is worried. The man tells his wife:
"And if you don't produce him within ten minutes, I will feed you to the lions".
She starts crying. The man tries to get out of the room. The woman sees him.
"The answer to a maiden's prayers". She tells him:
"You are just the type I have been looking for." He sees the lions and he wants to run away but the woman doesn't let him go. One of the guards sees them and tells the man:
"She's at it again - only more so."
The man goes into the room very fast but the painter isn't there.
"Spare him!" (He's in there)."
She shows him where he is. When the man goes there, he isn't there any more - the painter has run away. Two omen don't see him and sit on him. He looks like a giant pillow. He moves and the women fall down. He starts running again. A dog and a cat are fighting. The cat is on the table, then he starts running and the have a fight near the painter. A guard sees him and wants to kill him. The only thing that he could do was take off his extra clothes so that he is a normal person now but he doesn't know. All the women there are looking at him. The guard wants to kill him but he never can. The guards go into a room with the woman who was with him before. He takes the clothes from a guard and now he looks like a guard. He goes into the room and they start speaking.
"They have taken me captive - I am to be his new favorite."
Some women are dancing but the man doesn't like it.
"Off with the thundering herd and bring on the charmers!"
The painter is wearing the woman's clothes so he goes into the room where the man is.
"Dance, little fawn, for the high ruck-a-muck of Morocco - from now on, you may call me Calie."
He starts dancing. At the end of the dance, when he wants to kiss her, he realises that it is not his girlfriend. He runs away and everybody follows him. When they think they have caught him, he runs away again. Then he sees the woman and they both start running. One of the men catches the woman. The painter takes a girl with him and starts running (He thinks that it is the woman). he tries another but it is the wrong one again and so on. Lots of women and a guard follow him. He sees the woman in a window. He wants to go there but lots of guards are following him. He takes a knife from a guard and starts fighting with the man. He runs away with the woman. Everybody follows them. They pass a place where people are praying when he looks at the woman he understands it is the wrong one. Later he finds his girlfriend.

Arabs pray near mosque. Honeymooners arrive by donkey. He paints balanced over fountain. He lassos sheikh, who draws a large dagger. He gets out camera. Sheikh attacks girl. He lifts vase full of water. Chase, he's taken in litter to palace, into harem, sheikh suspects wife. He shakes with fear in litter. Hides in carpet. Eunuch attacks him with axe. He dresses as harem girl and does tap dance and high kicks. is discovered. Chase through palace. Chase. Hundreds of Arabs rush through streets. Stopped by prayers at mosque.

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