Film: 3059

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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History of sixty years of Southport 1960's

Very washed out footage of people in 1900's Southport, climbing into a boat. It is a fun fair ride down a Rollercoaster and splashing through the water. Two men wave behind them from a roller coaster carriage. Shots of a rollercoaster ride. People standing outside Ducking Pond. Hit the Bullseye to Drop the Man in the Water, man gets dropped in the water. Shot of rollercoaster. Children paddling in the sea. A camel paddles. A ship loaded with people steams out to sea. More great rollercoaster point of view shots. Girls swinging around gymnastic bars. Women taking a swing with a golf club. Girls on a maypole. Rollercoaster. Street scenes, Lord Street from the top of a number 7 tram. Cut to 1960's woman in carriage going down Lord Street. Cars from 1960's, Wolseleys, Mini Travellers, Ford Anglias, Morris Minors, Triumph Heralds in street. Two women walk down Lord Street. An outdoor cafe. Town square. Southport seafront pier train with open carriages. Travelling down pier on train looking at canoeist in water, children playing on the beach. Miniature railway arrives at Southport pier terminus. People disembark. Refreshments at the Deckhouse Bar. Families on deckchairs on the sands, catching a ball, sandcastle building. Kids in cowboy hats. Slide leading down to sea bathing pool. Woman in a bikini walks by. Kids splashing about in pool. Beauty contest at the pool. Contestants line up on a jetty in the water. A contestant walks down catwalk in pale pink dress, white gloves and white stilettos: South port's English Rose Beauty Contest. Crowd scenes of clapping girls and boys. Close up of women as they walk past camera. Bathing suit competition of beauty contestants. Billy J. Kramer presents prizes to the Beauty Queens. Junior beauty show to find the Southport Rosebud. Girls aged 4-6 years old humiliate themselves and curtsey at the audience. Family looking over lake. Sailing dinghies (P-class). Hired small motor boats on lake. Bowling greens. Roller skating rink with lots of teenagers. Junior Funfair with train, roundabout. On the seafront is Pleasureland. Shots of the Waltzer close up. Ferris Wheel rides. A brilliant miniature village with modern (1960's) buildings called Lilliput Land. Also includes a miniature football stadium and railway network. Lakeside narrow gauge railway includes modern engines and steam locomotives. Train goes to Peter Pan's Playground. Train in Peter Pan's Playground. Children on aircraft roundabout swing. Toddler's Paddling Pool. Child eating ice cream in a cone. Beach scene with donkeys in background. Donkeys on the sand in close up. Guinea pigs and rabbits in a cage. Budgies and finches. Botanical Gardens. Fantastic Club House on the golf course. People on a putting green. Teeing off. Rufford Old Hall, a wonderful example of Tudor architecture. Tudor 'carpet' garden. Rose gardens. Flower beds. Southport Flower Show in Victoria Park. Japanese water garden. Trophies and certificates. Equestrian show. Show jumping. Helicopter taking off. Biplane takes off from beach. Aerial shots of fun fair, town centre, boating lake and promenade.

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