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Britain in the 1950's

Three-funnelled ship (later to be identified as the Queen Mary) at berth, viewed from port bow. Top of building with name 'Ocean Terminal, and wall clock showing 9:27.

Trolleys and desks inside terminal building. Customs baggage inspection - a line of people, the men all in suits and hats, with suitcases in front of customs officer who has his back to us; commentator declares that he's a Canadian who's had a great holiday in Britain.

Couple in their 60s (-ish) unwrap a porcelain figurine to show the customs officer. Close-up of the figurine, panning to a smiling young woman looking on, with a large floral buttonhole. A woollen jumper taken out of cellophane wrapper, to show craftsmanship.

Line of passengers with open suitcases, as a man comes in at the back with a trolley; a standing sign says 'Passengers This Way'.

Man with his wife takes out of his pocket a small photo album, to show another couple (including the woman with the buttonhole, and a man holding an unidentified object); he says he took one or two British 'types' home with him.

Close-up of a still in the album, showing a postman beside a signpost. Postman cycling towards us on country lane in Lake District. He cycles away from us, his bag slung over his shoulder; pan to show mountains and lake, over a stone wall. We follow the wheels of the postman's bicycle, as he wheels it towards a two-storey whitewashed farm building, white hens in the foreground, the farmer's wife approaching him; he hands her post to her, she walks back to the building, he wheels the bike towards us.

Lakeside scene. Another, over foreground flowers. A trickling beck. A shepherd, with a crook and two sheep dogs, drives some sheep towards us and left off screen; another dog follows. Sheepdog rounding up flock. Old shepherd, dressed in waistcoat and tweeds, in cloth cap, with crook, whistles to dog. The dog weaving right and left as it controls the sheep. The shepherd whistles and calls. The dog with the sheep. Hilltop view towards distant lake; a pony in mid-distance, foreground.

Hilly scene in Scotland, with a burn in mid-distance. Two men approach - deerstalking; both carry guns, one man is in a cloth cap, the other in a deerstalker; they are climbing a hill overlooking a loch. The man in the deerstalker clambers up a grassy bank, with a walking stick; he pants as he looks over a ridge; pan to the other man (both are lying on the ground) pointing his gun.

A stag, as through a round viewfinder - a ten-point. The men circle round, in a crouch; pan over them shows the loch below. In middle distance, the two walk towards us; a framing tree in foreground. Two stags on a ridge, against the sky. The two climb towards us, and Duncan - the professional stalker - points, and hands the other man a gun. A stag against the sky. Man in deerstalker crawls closer, with gun; he has a telescope in a leather case slung over his shoulder. He takes aim and fires, looking surprised at his apparent success.

Three men walk back down, away from us, with a pony bearing the deer carcass.

His wife with a camera, photographing the returning hunters.

Close-up of a still in the photo-album, of an angler in oilskins, holding a large fish.

The angler, in oilskin jacket and hat, fishing the Molvall (?) river in Wales - casting a line. Long shot of the fisherman beside a fast-flowing rocky river. The fisherman following his line, then re-casting - this is some of the finest salmon-fishing in the country. The rough surface of the river. The fisherman pulls on his line. Close-up of the reel and the base of the rod, braced against the angler's body. He pulls again, the rod bumping his hat.

Looking down at him, as he tries to reel in a fish. Towards him, as he walks towards the river, reeling it in. Close-up of his hand, rapidly winding the reel. He keeps on pulling. Overview as he reels in the struggling fish.

Pan from river back to timbered hotel on hillside. The fisherman in mid-distance approaching the hotel with his fish. Close shot as he enters the hotel, after proudly displaying the large salmon to another man, who re-enters the hotel; the hotel sign over the door cannot be read, apart from the word 'Hotel'.

A waitress serving dinner to two tables inside the hotel. She holds a plateful of salmon for a woman diner to serve herself - she takes a slice, with fork and spoon, then helps herself from a bowl of buttered peas.

Elegant woman's head, a chunky metal necklace round her neck. A man's head, talking. The two eating dinner with another man, a lit candle on the table, a blazing fire behind; he pours sauce on his fish, as the landlord, in spectacles, delivers two pewter tankards of ale; the two men pick up their foaming tankards.

Landlady serves a slice of fruit pie onto a plate, and carries it over to their table; the man is telling a fishing story, his hands expanding; the landlady gives the plate of pie to the woman. Close-up of the woman pouring thick cream on her pie; pan to a man's hands as he cuts a piece of Caerphilly cheese. The three at table, as the man removes the piece of cheese from his knife; price for both of them was less than a pound (£1); down to plate of food and pie dish.

Three boys look on as a chef bastes an ox roasting on a spit. Fairground scene in street in Stratford-on-Avon; two large red lorries are at right centre, each with 'Towing Three Trailers' on their fronts; pan over crowded scene, down to the annual ox-roast - a walled fire, the ox on a spit in front, one chef basting, while two others turn the spit with a large wheel. The ox-roast, as another cook appears, sharpening a carving knife. The chefs talking, as one bastes and the other sharpens.

Three young women looking out of an upstairs window. Looking down on the scene - dignitaries and a town crier. Two women onlookers, leaning out of a window. Looking down as the mayor cuts a slice from the ox. Close up of the mayor as he delivers the slice. The town crier, in tricorn and red coat, with hand bell, wipes his lips; beside him is a man in top hat and spectacles, and behind them is a policeman. The mayor puts a slice on a plate.

Crowd of onlookers. A man and a woman each take a slice of beef in a crusty roll; behind them hangs a banner advertising the ox roast.

Two women leaning out of the window, watching.

Ornate porcelain and silver, inside an antique shop in a nearby village; couple enter, woman picks something up, they are approached by woman shopkeeper; they look round the shop, and a man approaches. He shows them a piece of Worcester. Close-up of the man, in round glasses, as he lifts the lid off the pot. Close-up of the florally-decorated pot. He talks, as the camera pans to his wife. The couple listening. The four talking, as he leads them to inspect an item in the foreground - a big two-handled cup, which he tilts to show them what's inside. Close-up of the inside - with two ceramic frogs. They chuckle.

Village scene viewed through an arch - a tree and a distant church tower; woman walking towards us. Stone cottages in village street, with a picket fence. A traditional signpost, one pointing towards Broadwell and Stow on the Wold, another to Adlestrop and Chipping Norton. A signpost pointing to Honeybourne and Evesham. Another pointing to Lower and Upper Slaughter. A half-timbered building in mid-distance.

Long shot of Chatsworth House, viewed over water and greensward. A wing of Chatsworth House, fountains playing at L. Statuary in a fountain. A girl skips down steps below wrought-iron railings, she looks up, then her dog follows her down. The girl and the dog run off, in the grounds of Chatsworth, amidst formally clipped trees. Distant view of Chatsworth House, sheep in middle distance. Chatsworth over the lake, jets playing; admission costs 'a shilling or two'. The girl and dog run in; at left is a fountain, at R is a statue of a figure sitting on a lion. Close-up of the girl playing with the black labrador. Close-up of the girl, in turtle-neck jumper - she is Lady Emma, daughter of the 11th Duke of Devonshire. The girl and the dog. They run away, past a fountain.

Close-up of a still in the album - a sailor in pea-jacket and peaked cap. The sailor beckoning; a tree trunk behind him, red flowers to L. A large boat approaches, on the Thames near Bray; pan towards lock mouth. The man again. The lock and lock-keeper's cottage. The lock-keeper opens the lock gate, walking backwards, his back against the balance beam; he is also a prize-winning gardener.

A sailing boat on the river. A young man punting, a girl relaxing in the punt, as we steam past. A practising sculler. Three young boys rowing a rowing dinghy. The lockkeeper and the narrator's wife beside his cottage and garden. He picks a colourful posy for narrator's wife, which she smells. The river bank, as we pass on. The river steamer, from behind. The steamer and other boats, from front. Cattle munching in a riverside meadow. Four swans a-swimming. Willow branches brushing the surface of the river. A two-storey Victorian house by the river. Windsor Castle, approached by river.

A small merchant vessel, moored in the Thames in central London; tilt up to show Tower Bridge, over riverside cranes; pan to the Tower of London, a tug passing R to L; there is a seaplane in the river beside the Tower.

Close-up of the keep, the Union Flag flying. Inside the Tower precinct, looking up at the White Tower, then down to two approaching beefeaters. The courtyard, where the executions used to take place. Close-up of sign about the Tower ravens - names the current six, of which the most recent was presented in September 1947 - then to the Raven Master, with a pail, descending steps by the sign. The Raven Master, in Tudor uniform, approaches ravens and doles out food from his bucket. Two ravens eating. The Raven Master throwing food. Two ravens. The Raven Master holding a raven in gloved hands. Close-up of his smiling face, then pan to the raven pecking at his fingers as he teases it.

Gulls flying in the sky; we cross to Port Rush, Northern Ireland. Waves breaking on long sandy beach; pan to a crowd watching an exhibition golf match. Crowd watch a stroke. Fred Daley, Ulster's champion, places a ball on a tee. Close-up of the ball on the tee as the golf club strikes it. The golfer follows through, then walks on, men following. Crowd following the golfers. The golfing party move on. The crowd follow. Golfer on the green addresses the ball, as caddy (nearer camera) holds flag. Daley lining up the shot. He putts the ball in, as the caddy lifts the flag. He smiles and walks towards the hole, people behind clapping. Crowd applauding. Daley and companions show us the Giant's Causeway. Feet stepping on the stepping stones. Daley and two women approach sea on stepping stones. He points seaward; pan over the breakers. Man and woman. Waves breaking on Giant's Causeway. The party walk back from the stones. A stack of Scottish drums.

Album still of uniformed Scots piper; album page turns, to show still of lighthouse keeper in front of Lizard lighthouse. Long shot of Lizard peninsula and lighthouse. The lighthouse and adjacent buildings, on one of which a flag flies. Inside the lighthouse, close-up of the rotating reflectors. Lighthouse keeper seen through reflectors. Keeper walking round the lantern, from above. Keeper on railed terrace, with telescope. He looks through telescope with left eye. View of waves breaking on rocks below, then up to show the peninsula. Pan across bay at Lizard. View directly down to waves breaking on rocks below.

Boats in seaside harbour scene, a man standing in a dinghy rowing with a single oar. Boats moored beside a jetty. Harbourside, as a fisherman ties lobster pots. Close-up of fisherman with lobster pot; he is wearing a light-coloured beret, and smoking a cigarette; he cuts a rope. He lifts up a lobster pot to take to his boat. His boat is pulled up in a slipway, where he takes the pot. A small merchant vessel at mid-distance on a twilit sea. The rotating lighthouse lantern. On the peninsula at dusk, the Lizard light flashes.

Still, in album, of lighthouse flashing.

Album closes, as we see the four people in customs, where we started; the couples part, as one man raises his hat to the parting couple; the customs officer addresses them. The customs officer speaks. They move on, as he marks their luggage. Close-up of his hand chalking his initials on a case. The couple leave, as a man starts to move luggage. Long shot inside the terminal. Pan across outside of terminal building, to the ship at berth beside a dockside gantry. Bow of ship showing 'Queen Mary'.

The Queen Mary under steam. Man with camera taking last look at Britain. View of tug from on board Queen Mary, panning back to the terminal. He takes a last photo. The harbour side.

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