Film: 3067

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Louiseville, Quebec, Canada and local government 1950's

Opening sequence of small town with medium shots of town streets and hotel. Church. Gentlemen's club, Club Notreville'. Men are served drinks by waiter in white jacket. Local doctor arrives. Conversation ensures about treatment of small boy. These are well to do men, obviously working in a professional capacity. Diphtheria. Film appears to be an instructional film regarding the dangers of epidemics. Flashback to young Bobby who contracted diphtheria. Doctor at Bobby's bedside. Doctor takes smear from Bobby's throat for analysis. Sign in French and English put on wall of house; "Diphtheria, Entry is Forbidden". Doctor in office phoning Ministry of Health. Shot of Ministry of Health's laboratory in Montreal, with Bobby's sample being analyzed. Man looks under microscope. Doctor's diagnosis of Diphtheria confirmed. Inspector interviews Bobby's parents to locate source of Diphtheria. Shot of young Emily cousin of Bobby drinking from glass. Later Bobby arrives and drinks from the same glass. Shot of seven bottles of diphtheria vaccine or antitoxin. Return to gentlemen's club. Doctor extols the virtues of the Health Ministry. Doctor suggests that the establishment of a health unit in their area will be a good idea. The question of health cost and expense is brought up. Doctor makes a stout defense of the benefits of health care explaining that a numbers of lives that have been saved because of the Ministry of Health. Bobby arrives at club looking for his father. Exterior of Health Ministry. Deputy Minister of Health and Public Welfare office. Smallpox epidemic of 1881 led to establishment of the provincial board of health, which became the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Quebec. Shot of men's club. Traditional stone fireplace. Epidemic of dysentery which broke at in Grossville. Young women at ironing board - she feels faint. Young men on wooden diving board, diving into small lake - one of whom looks ill and sits down on diving board. Old woman knitting - camera pans down as her hands stop knitting. All of these people appear to contract dysentery. Officers of health unit respond to reports made by physicians which indicate the likelihood of an epidemic. Further shots of the laboratories of the Ministry for Health. Report from Ministry confirmed dysentery. Families of patients are interviewed. Shopkeeper, butcher and baker are interviewed by inspectors. Source of outbreak identified as water. Inspectors visit to local water works. Inspectors examine plans of water works. Apparatus to purify water is installed. Grossville. Lecture on sexually transmitted diseases, VD treatments and prevention. Doctor petitions the town council to approach the Ministry of Health for a unit to be established in the town. Exterior of unit with sign being put up. Inventory of drugs on display. Old fashioned weighing scales. Equipment used in unit is shown including, scales and measuring equipment for baby, dental chair and equipment. Dental implements. X-ray equipment. Signs for clinics in French and English, pre-natal, baby and vaccinations and immunizations clinics. Pre-natal information and advice being given to young mothers. Close up of book 'The Canadian Mother and Child', by Ernest Couture. Health visitor demonstrates to young mother how to bathe her child. Close up of baby being washed in tin bath. Baby is examined at clinic. Young boy receives dental care. Young children are vaccinated. Interior doctors waiting room. Checks on tuberculosis. Young man is X-rayed. Medical examinations being held in schools. Regular testing of children for T.B. with the 'pack' test. Certificates of health and immunization are prize possessions of the children. Outbreak of typhoid in small village. Immunization of baby and young girl. Search to locate source of typhoid. First milk, then the distributor of milk are interviewed by health officials. Source located as one individual person working in dairy. Inspector demonstrates how the empty milk bottles should be washed before reuse. X-ray machine. Young boy who has contracted T.B. is taken to sanatorium for recuperation. The boy receives medical attention and special diet. Young boy exercises in garden. Boy is discharged. Young boy hugs his father and mother. Shots of small towns and cities and large city, possibly Quebec, into dissolve of technicians at the Ministry of Health. Superimposed shots of young children in playground and smiling girl.

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