Film: 3073

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Royal Doulton porcelain pottery factory and the styles of their ceramics 1950's

View of the liner Queen Elizabeth ship in dock, 1300 crew, 2200 passengers. Man attaches anchor rope to a bollard on the dock. Aircraft takes off. Aerial view of the Shetland Isles. A port, fishing boats. Scalloway. Fishermen prepare their nets for the herring season. Farmers on Shetland manually cutting the wheat by hand using a scythe. Good aerial shot of an aircraft propeller with the land giving way to the sea below. Scotland. Fishermen in a river. A brief tour of Edinburgh, Princes Street, the Arts Festival. People sitting on the pavement queuing for tickets. On to Ireland. View of a limestone archway created by the sea. The Giants Causeway. Saint Patrick's church and his statue. Small traditional farms. Farmers in cloth caps talk. Aircraft view and now in Wales. Two shepherds round up sheep with two border collie sheep dogs. Fishing port. Men in coracles on the river. Salmon fishing on a river in South West Wales using coracles. The fishermen stretch nets across the river to catch salmon. England. The Dove River on the Derbyshire Staffordshire border. A man stands in a river fly fishing, he smokes a pipe. The man gets his inspiration from fishing in the river, he is a designer for Royal Doulton. View of the same man sitting behind a desk still smoking his pipe as he hands paints a Royal Doulton design. Another designer who wears a red rose in his button hole sits behind a desk painting. Plain white ceramics before they have been hand painted. Royal Doulton uses form, colour, pattern and texture to decorate the porcelain china. Geometric china on table wear, dinner service. Figurines on a table. 1950's table setting, very 'contemporary' for its time. An example of a beautiful contemporary home, it looks like a set. Man at a table designs tablewear or dinner plate patterns, he smokes a pipe. He has some dandelions in a vase on the table. They have gone to seed. He blows one of them and the seeds fly away. He produces a pattern called Thistledown for the Royal Doulton collection. Dining table set with china of this pattern. The drawings of the design of a new range of china goes to the modeller. The modeller works on a coffee pot. View of other items in the range. View of potters creating bowls and plates on a potters wheel. Plate being weighed and measured to ensure they are all the same. View of powdered ceramic paints. Woman hand painting china, the colours will change once they are fired in a hot kiln. Hand painted plates. Fine bone china and dinner china. Views of items of table wear. Table being set for the Lord Mayor's Banquet. In a ordinary garden children stop playing to sit at a small table that is set with Royal Doulton china. The children sit down, put a serviette or napkin on, say their prayers, then a little boy offers a girl a plate of sandwiches. (very 1950's perfect children). Parents also have a table set in the garden with Royal Doulton china. Other examples of Royal Doulton table settings. Mothers Day, a man in a red silk robe prepares breakfast in bed for his beautiful blonde wife who sits fully made up and hair tidy in bed. A small boy plays on the floor next to her. She takes the red rose from the breakfast tray and gives it to the small boy. A summer evening barbecue (BBQ). The men prepare a stylish meal whilst the women sit and look glamorous, all are in evening wear. Bamboo designed Royal Doulton. Breakfast in a modest 1950's kitchen, set with Royal Doulton. Other side of the world a couple are enjoying the evening before their diner guests arrive. Potters wheel, powder paints, gravy boat, toby jugs of the 3 musketeers. Figurines. Designer with a pipe. Couple in evening dress set the table as they wait for their guests.

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