Film: 3078

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Rare westerners tour of Soviet Union, Russia in the 1930's. Amateur home movie film. Also Joniskis (Lithuania) and Meitene (Latvia) stations

Panoramic sweep of coastal town. Buildings, one with Soviet star on. People in large open car. Promenading on sea front. Swimming in sea. Sunrise over breakwater. Children. Rocky countryside, early churches? Tobacco drying. Mule cart. Peasants in fields. Black Sea Coast. Rocky beach. Lion emblems at entrance to house. Caption "Nikolaj Nikolojewitsch from Yalta to Odessa". Crimea. (Ukraine) - Kiev - Sophien Cathedral. Industrial chimneys over the city, pollution. River, streets, general views. Children. Men on horseback. Barefoot women in headscarves. Lots of rabbits clustered together. Thatched cottage, peasant woman outside. Churches, statue. Man sitting on chair in park reading. woman asleep on grass. Latvia / Estonia, Riga. Station of Radviliski in Lithuania. Coastal views. Leningrad. Hotel October. Railway lines, views outside hotel. People milling about. Cars. Horse and carts used as taxis. Trams. Cathedral. Museum, Winter palace, general views, churches. Men breaking rocks. Youths in park. Close up of teenage faces. People queuing to get on trams. Lots of people sitting on pavements. Flag waving woman sitting on stool by tracks. Moscow: Hotel Nowaja. External views, general views. Trams, horse and big cart. Empty sports stadium. Stadium Rettungstor, monuments, Churches. Film taken from moving car. Red Square, Lenin's Tomb, Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral. River. Charkow: general views. Herding cattle through streets. Large building, portraits of Lenin and Stalin. Large modern building. Railway station. Peasants selling produce at stalls, melons. Men look out of train window, peasants show wares, bread. Camera moves off on train. Close up of woman's face. Schoolboy in cap with Soviet star on it. Odessa to Yalta. Peasants and villages. Hay carts. Children wear hats. Yalta - the Riviera of the Black Sea. Tartars? Promenading on the sea front.
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