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Mildenhall in East Anglia 1970's

Crowds of men around a car and hanging about the dock or harbour area in Great Yarmouth. Men seem to be waiting to be taken on as casual labour. Shots of a grab-type crane unloading loose material from a boat to a Bedford lorry.
A ceremony taking place at Mildenhall, Suffolk. This was an important American Air Force base during the early part of the Cold War period. Local dignitaries and high ranking USAF officers at a ceremony. Flags are borne in by uniformed airmen in ceremonial dress. Ceremony takes place in large hanger on the base. Figures wearing mayoral type chains of office and smartly dressed also take part. The Stars and Stripes and the flag of the Royal Air Force are 'trooped' in. Officer reviews the parade and an audience watches from a temporary seating area. - An entrance to the airfield sign is shown with the words:- United Sates Air Force Europe 513th Tactical Airlift Wing. Welcome to RAF Mildenhall - Gateway to the United Kingdom. View of main entrance gate area and Headquarters building. More views of flag ceremony, smiling officers.
Change to men in dark blue overalls with beer bottles. Some sort of army obstacle race.
Change to two mean unpacking a box containing various jars of pills, tablets and liquids pharmaceuticals of all kinds. Close up of the bottles, jars etc. Close up of the small mountain of discarded paharmaceuticals. Liquid is poured down a sink. Change of view to a river in a large park. Large models of naval vessels including a submarine are moored to the bank. Sailors and naval officers man the boats. Close up of life belt on post with HMS London printed on it.
Communists stage Anti- war demonstration - banners about the war in Vietnam also against the Common Market, anti European policies. The newspaper Morning Star posters. Prime Minister, Harold Wilson arriving on foot at some sort of rally. Friendly reception from the crowds. He mingles amoung them, so security guards visible. He is smoking his 'trademark' pipe, nice close up of him fiddling with his pipe. He watches children in traditional dress dancing. He fills his pipe with tobacco..

Football match. Teams in yellow shirts and dark blue shorts the other team is in orange strip. This is a friendly game on an ordinary football ground with a small grandstand for the onlookers a lot of the onlookers are around the edges of the pitch. This is covered quite extensively but it is not clear which side wins. Some larking about by the teams. Crowd joins in the kick-about from time to time. At one point it looks like there are three teams on the pitch, two of men who look like Open University lecturers and one of teenage girls.
Change to Laboratory type buildings - there are clues that this is the Marconi Dish Aerial works at Chelmsford, Essex. Technical machinery and men in white coats. They assemble a large dish-tyype aerial. Early computer type machinery with narrow paper print out.
Crowds of people assembled in town or village for a wheelbarrow race. Young men with 1970's type hair styles push each other in wheelbarrows. The race seems to go out of the town or village to the countryside. They arrive at a place where there is a table where they gather up at token of some kind and return in their wheelbarrow (the team changes round from pusher to passenger.) Scenes of them arriving back at the start of the race. Abrupt end.

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