Film: 3087

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Bill Costeloe sits at a fantastic futuristic desk in a minimalist set and introduces the programme from London. Great phone sitting on desk.
Shipbuilding report: Appledore, Devon. Shots of ship wrecks in shallow sea. Pan round to shot of giant hangar where ships are being built in a novel way, indoors. Interior shots of shipbuilding factory. Steel plates being moved around on a metal crane. Automatic burner cuts steel into correct shapes. Hydraulic press bends plate. Single sheets of hull metal are handled by a crane. Welding pieces of metal together. Hull of dredger being built. Fitting shops are along side the ship being built. Workers work on interior fitting of ship, screwing in mirrors. Welding on deck of Hoveringham VI. Good long shot of stern of boat with propeller. Pulleys, cranes manoeuvre ship down to water. Tide fills dock and ship floats. Small tug pulling ship out of indoor shipyard. Hull of next vessel is floated into indoor hangar for fitting out as ship. New ship in harbour.
Burglary: Reconstruction of a burglar breaking in through window. Shows how to break through window using glass scorer. Whole demonstration has a Blue Peter feel about it even down to the use of sticky backed plastic. Alarm goes off. Old triangular alarm. The burglar, Howard Williams, fails! Close up of sound sensitive alarm system. Talking head of presenter, illustrating burglar alarm that is set off by the sound of breaking glass.
Learning to read: Primary school classroom with one teacher and several children. Talking of Wordmaster method including close up of card of words. Explanation of method which sounds like bingo! Lots of good shots of children being taught. Small boy reads aloud from a book using phonetic spelling. Close up of books and text. This method is the initial teaching alphabet (ITA). Examples of phonetic spelling. Teacher checking words with children. Young girl reads aloud. Remedial reading method called Breakthrough to Literacy. Classroom shots. How Breakthrough to Literacy works. Individual cards with one word on each are joined together to make sentences. Black boy and girl read sentences they have constructed. More shots of children reading aloud, with teacher and alone.

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