Film: 3088

Feature Drama | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Two teenagers take trip to Hampstead and get involved in little drama involving stolen bag and off-duty policeman.

Teenage boy stands in underground station, looks at watch. Close up of him at ticket window: "Two to Hampstead, please." Titles. Exterior of Seven Sisters tube station, girl runs down steps. Interior of underground station - girl approaches boy and they have dialogue about the fact that she is late. They go through automatic ticket barrier. They go down escalator, running the last bit. They run onto train. Interior of tube train carriage - they sit down. Train doors close. They look at map. Shot of other passengers in tube carriage. Exterior of Hampstead underground station, with newspaper vendor, the boy and girl come out of the station. They cross Hampstean High Street. They walk down street, in foreground policeman talks to man in dodgy red cravat outside a flower shop. Boy and girl have dialogue about visiting Keats' House for school project. Girl says they should ask policeman the way. Shot of policeman talking to man in pink shirt and red cravat. Boy says he doesn't like policemen, man in red cravat stops to look at him as he passes. Girl approaches policeman and gets directions.

Girl sits on grass sketching, with Keats' House beyond and boy looking up at it. Close up of boy looking up and reading blue plaque. Close up of blue plaque. Bot walks over to girl and looks at her drawing. They have dialogue about how that must now photograph old streets in Hampstead. They come out of gate of Keats' House, and boy pulls letter from pocket. Postman emptying letter box into sack, boy and girl run to him, he declines to take letter. Boy and girl beside letter box have dialogue about next delivery. Milkman with ,ilk floast or van outside house. Boy and girl approach milkman and buy pint of milk in carton. Boy and girl walk down street, drinking milk from carton with straws.

Close up of boy, he raises camera and takes picture. Boy and girl walk down passage at back of old houses - Benham's Place NW3. Boy and girl walk down street, with flowers in foreground, girl points up and camera pans up to ship's figurehead fixed to front of house. Girl copies pose of figurehead and boy takes picture. Boy and girl walk up street and turn corner. They pass people - bearded, sandals, girl sitting on bonnet of antique car - drinking beer outside pub. Row of picture stalls on street. Boy and girl approach picture: "Look, we saw that house!" Close up of picture. Boy and girl come down steps, stop, girl takes photograph, they walk down Golden Yard, NW3.

Boy and girl run down a terrace, then stop. Boy runs across grass and poses by pond. Girl takes photograph. They have dialogue beside pond about going to Hampstead Heath. Schoolgirls play with kite on Hampstead Heath, boy and girl walk past. Kites. Men flying kites. Middle-aged man in sunglasses, bare-chested, sits on a bench flying kite. Boy and girl walk along top of hill, with view of London beyond. They sit on bench, boy looks at watch, they talk about having lunch. Man in red cravat from earlier approaches and asks if they would like to go to a cafe with him. Boy and girl walk with man along path, introduce themselves, girl asks man what he does but he won't answer. They walk past pond. Shot of Kenwood House. The three of them run across grass with buttercups towards house. They buy lunch in cafe. They take lunch on trays out to garden. They sit at table. Bearded man in sunglasses watches them. Boy tries to take one of girl's chips, she stops him, then gives him one. She takes tomato from his plate. Man in red cravat notices bearded man and runs after him as he leaves. Girl looks puzzled, they carry on eating. Time has passed, they decide to leave, Girl searches on grass beside table and discovers that her bag is gone. They decide to go to the police. They gather up things and leave cafe garden.

Man in red cravat returns to garden and finds them gone, waitress comes out with girl's bag, man takes it. Boy and girl in police station talk to officer behind desk. They describe man and he turns out to be a policeman, he approaches desk and they propose to celebrate with a cup of tea.

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