Film: 309

Music | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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First T.V. appearance of Beatles 1962

Beatles play at the Cavern, Liverpool. Song performed: "Some Other Guy".

George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon stand at the front of the stage playing guitars and singing; behind on the drums is Ringo Starr. They wear shirts and waistcoats; they are introduced; the packed crowd in the dark cellar cheer; they begin to play, Mccartney moving his guitar in his trademark way; camera slowly pans in on them; mcCartney turns to Starr and Lennon; Lennon and McCartney begin to sing "Some Other Guy"; pans in to show these two, with Starr drumming behind; Lennon is matted in sweat; pans left to concentrate on McCartney, though Starr and Harrison can be seen flanking him to the right and left; camera pans out and then right to show the whole group; as they start the second verse, camera again begins to pan in on Lennon and McCartney; pans right to concentrate on Lennon and back to McCartney; they finish the song and the crowd cheer; McCartney makes a slight bow of the head; someone shouts from the audience and Lennon responds.

All clearances required.

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