Film: 3090

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Anti Japan propaganda film during World War Two.
Joseph C. Grew, speaks to the camera about the purpose of the film; "to know thy enemy in order to beat them", and how different the Japanese are to the Americans in their minds, beliefs, and training.
A shot of a huge Japanese gate, soldiers on horses, a Japanese crowd bows. Voice-over to the 70 million Japanese, "Hirohito the Emperor is a god. They believe he owns Japan, the people and land. They believe it is their Emperor's right and destiny to rule the whole world." Close up of soldiers in rows. Voice over continues, "Their sacred duty is to destroy anyone who stands in their way." Soldiers marching waving the Japanese flag. shots of the wounded soldiers wearing white, marching the soldier's march. Voice-over, "Their army is well trained and disciplined force of fanatics, courageous, with primitive moral and belief that every man who dies in battle ensures immortal life with the Shinto Gods".
The wounded are marching, a temple in the background. Shots of Tokyo. Voice-over, "They want to see Tokyo become the world's capitol. The Japanese have been carrying an uninterrupted war for 11 years". People in the streets, buildings, buses, two ladies going down to the underground, the train and platform, people come out some wearing protective masks, children come out to the road. Voice-over, "Despite eastern predictions, Japan is the strongest it has ever been, they are adaptable people, using the conveniences of the western world, their national obsession is world conquest". Ladies wearing Kimonos in the streets. A picture of a white round building, inside, a bank. Showing two men bowing, paying-in counter, bank note and gold. Voice-over, "The Emperor recognises one need, the materials of war ... Japan is exploiting the land it has conquered". A shot of a river, a boat moves towards a bridge in front of a white round building, a crowd of Japanese men applause with joy, a train loaded with gold passes over a bridge, planks of wood rolling down. Three men pushing a trolley with hanging rubber sheets, oil tanks, a car pulling by the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Japan, interior view with members. Voice-over, "Japan is developing the gold, iron and timber of the Philippines, rubber and tin of Malaya, the oil of the Dutch East Indies. Never creative or inventive people. The Japanese always dependent on the scientific and industrial knowledge of the western world. Now at war with U.S.A. and Britain they find their cheap source for production techniques, the Nazi Germany." Close up of members of the chamber. A theatre entrance full of people, dancers on the stage, audience, the stage viewed from above umbrella dance advertising the Nazi symbol next to Japan's. Voice-over, "In the theatres of Japan. Nazi's methods of propaganda are also copied. A totalitarian state preparing for total war as can be seen and aided by the newspapers." Street shot, newspapers, army inspection of papers, a child in front of a poster with national symbolism, police inspection of papers, journalists, printer at work, electricity poles, radio transmissions.
Voice-over, "People are being called to double their sacrifice on behalf of the Emperor, their sons and fathers." Pictures form the country side, a mother with a baby on the back, inside a straw roofed house, people eating, a kid and a row outside, a woman cooking next to the fire, a young woman pumping water from a well, kids at work, washing by the river side, roof making. Working in the fields, a woman from behind tieing a crop, the close up of hers. Women and men working hard in the farm, washing vegetables in a stream, sifting the shaft from the wheat, carrying the crops, a cat in the field interferes with a woman working, cutting planks of wood, a group working a cleaning straw mats, sorting boxes, a boy on a bike, a homemade factory of furniture.
Voice-over, "Main force of Japan's army is the peasant's population used to hard work and self denial, all grain and rice belongs to the state, the government buys the crops at a minimal price to keep the farmers live and working, reforestation efforts to help the war, every piece of land is cultivated, no materials are wasted. Japan relies also on the home factories." A family walks in front of a Japanese garden, a family having tea, an old lady smoking. Archival footage from 1923, the ruins and wounds from an earthquake given aid by the United State. Voice-over, "Now the Japanese work against the land they hate the most, the U.S.A, despite the help that was given at 1923." A shot of a modern house, a horse carrying a heavy loaded carriage women work in factories, willing to help the war efforts at 14 hours a day, the workers having a meal together. Close up of two women eating rice with chop sticks. Pearl Harbor, workmen with machines, a Japanese man drives a car inside a garage, a man drilling stock piles of raw materials, the crane shift piles of metal, a horse man wearing decorated uniforms rides on a white horse. Voice-over, "Cities are full of factories many young women contribute two years to the war efforts, before bearing kids who will be future warriors. To make up for the shortage of strategic materials, they accumulate stock piles imported from China, India, The Netherlands, East Indies and from Western nations." Shot of many monks pulling ropes to ring a huge bell, a huge crowd bows, closer look at the ladies in kimonos bowing, a street with traditional symbolism, writing and architecture, ladies in kimonos in the street, a family bows, a man in traditional clothes wearing a big stick with white material over their heads. Ladies in kimonos in a shinto ceremony, to ceremony of memorial, a huge gate with Japanese writing, musicians playing the drums and flute accompanying a dancer with a mask, a man hitting sticks. A close up of the musician. Voice-over, "Japan state religion is Shintoism which teaches that Japan is a heavenly land, even those who die for the Emperor are worshiped as minor gods, they believed to have been destined to be the conquerors of the world, such beliefs had disciplines are rooted with the young to later become strong and fierce warriors. The soldiers spend a long time studying warfare, learning to submerge their individuality with mass maneuvers, they are taught how to handle weapon with severe discipline." Shots of school children marching, bowing and taking their hats off, a close up of a kid bowing, children sweeping a street, a close up of a girl, a statue of warriors behind, children doing gymnastics, marching with uniforms and a sash with Japanese writing, shots of soldiers in the battle field shooting over a house, an aeroplane in the sky. Victims after bombardment lying around, families walking with their belongings, ruins and smoke, two men picking corpses and crossing railways, the children on the way to school, in the classroom learning to read and write, children are shown models of warships and aeroplanes, close up of a baby in his father's arms. The building, being checked by an officer, salute to the right, all in a row, exercises on a field, exercising armed combat using sticks with protective masks, pairs are fighting while the rest are watching inspectors are sitting at a table, watching and marking a close up of a fighter. All come together in a circle, pointing the sticks towards the commander who is in the middle, two flags waving. A march seen from behind the speakers stage, horsemen from behind many soldiers marching towards the camera, from the side, a salute at close up, parade from various angles. Voice over says, "Anticipating world wide expansion. Japan maintains a school of military government and colonial administration, where young student are taught the approved methods of ruling conquered people, at 17 every Japanese becomes automatically eligible for military service, for the first two years they learn how to take care of themselves, it is a matter of pride to conform, the sacrifice in battle is a glory, this is the enemy primitive, murderous and fanatical, this war machine can be beaten, all efforts and sacrifice are needed to do so."

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