Film: 3093

Music | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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String quartet playing a Haydn quartet. Close up of the instruments leaning against a wall. Two violins, a viola, and a cello.
American voice explains 'you are listening to a string quartet, picture of the 4 artists playing the Haydn quartet. Voice explains the compass of the instruments. Close up of the cellist - George Hopkins. The cello was made by Marteo Barcella in Venice more than 200 years ago. The Viola is more than 400 years old and was made by Gaspardo Dathalli in Brassy, Italy and is played by Irving Illness. 2nd Violin played by Abraham Lahore made by Thomas Ballasterari in 1772 who was influenced by Stradivarius. 1st violin is a Stradivarius made in Cremona in 1729. Played by Leonard Sorkin. Close up of the four instruments and comment on the similarity of construction. The combined range of the instruments covers 6 octaves. Sample of each of the instrument's ranges. They can be played by the bow or plucked 'pizzicato'. More examples of the instruments capabilities. Compares similar arrangement with the string section of a symphony orchestra. Excerpts of quartets by Haydn, Schubert, Mozart and Hugo Wolf. The quartet plays the final movement of the 'Mama and Papa quartet in C major by Haydn. Setting is stage rather than room with the sound of audience applauding but we do not see the audience, this could have been spliced in. Ends with title caption at start.

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