Film: 3096

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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'Battle of Okinawa' 360 mile off Japan main land. Rocket ships firing hitting coast. Total bombardment. Japanese aircraft hit shot out of sky, planes trails flames then crash into the sea. Smoke spots in the sky.
'Surrender in Italy' Field Marshal Montgomery and the 8th Army. Battle of Serona. Rome troops pass Coliseum. Allied army in Bologna. Tanks in streets crowds cheer Allied forces. Field Marshal Alexander. General Clark, U.S. army. Prisoners' camp, tens of thousands of them. Germans surrender in civilian clothes (mufti) and commentary points out superior German officers may not acknowledge surrender. Cameramen seen filming the event. General Morgan. German general signs the surrender of one million troops.
'Red Army'. British and Russian troops meet and shake hands. One Russian gives a British soilder a big bear hug. They laugh.
'We Meet the East' Baltic coast met up. 'Surrender-Monty dictates terms' German officers come to Field Marshal Montgomery's tent. Generals refuse to accept Monty's terms as they do not want an unconditional surrender. Monty says 'I will continue the war until all Germans are killed' German officers walk off and have a chat about it. They come back to Monty and agree the unconditional surrender. They surrender Holland Belgium, Denmark etc. German officers facing 21st allied force. Monty reads out the terms of the surrender as they all sit around a table. Admiral von Friedberg signs then General Kinzel then Rear Admiral Wagner then Friedel. \Monty sings for the Allied Supreme Commander Eisenhower. Monty 'Field Marshall Offers Thanks'. Monty gives a speech to camera to thank the troops for their loyalty. He looks forward to victory against Japan. Stirring stuff.

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