Film: 3100

London | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The river Thames Police in the 1950's

Cranes along the side of the Thames. A tug towing barges, St Paul's cathedral in the distance. Houses of Parliament. Tugs towing barges in front of them. The Thames. Big Ben. Waterloo Bridge. The Tower of London. Tower Bridge. Its two arms are up. Patrol boat in front of it. The Pool of London. Lots of ships and cranes. The City of Kimberley, registered in London, the Giosue Bors(a), registered in Naples. The Svanesund. The Thames. The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge seen from the South Bank of the Thames. The Thames. It used to be a hotbed of crime and piracy. Police boat. Portrait of Dr, Patrick Colquhoun, who, with John Harriott, founded the marine police force in 1798. 18th Century picture of London with lots of boat son the Thames. Eighteenth century prints of London, especially the Thames. Lots of criminals worked on the Thames. Police boat on the Thames. A sergeant at the helm. Police boat by Somerset House. Thames at Teddington. Thames at Dartford Creek. These are the Western and Eastern limits of the Thames Division's area of responsibility (for want of a better word). Sub-division stations - Blackwall, Wapping, Waterloo Pier. The only floating police station in the world. Sectional stations, Erith near Dartford, Barnes. Metropolitan Police Thames Division Wapping - the Headquarters of the division. It adjoins the house where Colquhoun held office. Picture of a small sailing ship with the rowing boats which originally patrolled the river. Picture of a steam pinnace. Policemen in rowing boats with engines. Two policemen on Thames in boat with early outboard motor. Police patrol boat on Thames. Silver Vision launch. Details of number of boats in the Thames division and their specifications. Patrol boats on the Thames. Police officer on patrol boat by searchlight. Police officer on patrol boat with towing equipment. Police officer with resuscitator or breathing apparatus. He demonstrates its use. Police officer with special stretcher. Policeman using a boat's radio. Patrol boat on Thames. St Paul's in background. Patrol boat on Thames. St Paul's in background. Patrol boat on Thames. The pride of the fleet, the John Harriott. Repair workshop. Shipwright's shop. Propeller being fitted to boat. Launching an inspected boat. A crew start their patrol. Inspecting the engine. The boat moves off. The river. The boat's flag. The crew use the radio. They are asked to inspect some barges moored in mid-stream. They pull alongside them. The crew examine the tarpaulins on the barges. The patrol boat moves off, going east. Patrol boat moving off on patrol. Divisional superintendent going out on patrol. The John Harriott with divisional superintendent on board on patrol. The Royal Festival Hall. County Hall. Lambeth Palace. Patrol boat turns round by a bridge. The force's flag. Blue Ensign with Metropolitan Police badge. New Scotland Yard. Cleopatra's Needle. Shell-Mex House. The Savoy Hotel. St, Paul's Cathedral. Queen's Hythe Dock. Smith's Wharf. Vintner's Hall. London Fish Market at Billingsgate. The Customs House. Wapping Steps. Executions took place there. A man walking up the steps. A pub, The Town of Ramsgate on Wapping Old Stairs. The Prospect of Whitby. A ship being unloaded. London was the largest port in the world. Ships at dock. Royal Naval College at Greenwich. Gasworks. Power station. Plaque showing Greenwich Meridian. The John Harriott. Police board a merchant vessel to arrest one of the crew. The divisional superintendent shakes hands with the ship's captain. They take the man to the police station. The ship is The Cormorant. Patrol boat on Thames. Patrol boats on upper Thames. Patrol boat going through Richmond Lock. Patrol boat going through Richmond. The Boat race. All available boats and personnel are working. Patrol boats on the Thames. A cable ship. Tug with barges. An ocean-going ship - being towed by a tug? A water bus. A petrol carrier. A passenger ship going through Tower Bridge. Patrol boat on Thames. Port of London. Ship on Thames on foggy morning. Ship on river on foggy morning. Patrol boat on Thames - sunset?

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