Film: 3101

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Comedy western.
Ben Turpin as a Wild west sheriff. Stage coach chases bar room brawls. Tracking in the snow, huskies sledge. Ben Turpin is sheriff in a western town. He cleans up the town by getting a horse to kick people out of windows of saloon. Two prospectors or trappers have a stand off in a log cabin. The ear flaps on one man’s hat rise and fall whilst the tail on other’s hat does the same. Ben gets involved in a chase with a brown bear or grizzly bear. Bathing beauties in the snow. One dives into a hole cut in the ice.
Man sleeping on a chair - good gag where as he snores the chair rocks back and fore more and more till he and his chair fall off a first floor balcony onto floor below when shot by sherriff.
Cowboys ride into and out of a town shooting town up. They chase a wagon. Sherriff (Ben Turpin) arrives with his cross eyes. He slides along the ground shooting his guns. He is apparently out of ammunition and puts a gun back in its holster and appears to shoot his own foot. Sherriff is carried sholder high by grateful town dwellers. Sherriff puts up sign telling lawbreakers to leave town, but they shoot up sign so it resembles a skull. Sherriff's girl comforts him. Encouraged, Sherriff gets on horse. Horse has rifle attached to it which fires repeatedly and which makes everyone scatter. Ben falls off and is picked up. Baddies shoot up the saloon. Man and woman sitting on bar roll over backwards to safety. Bearded man upstairs in bed is woken by noise. His hat stands on end out of fear and he jumps ot of window. Two men open a safe and black man cowers in safe. He shrinks away by camera trickery. Ben takes horse into bar to scare men away - it works and they all jump out of windows of saloon. Horse carries Ben in its mouth outside and drops him on the ground.
A snowy scene as Ben tracks men. He shoots one thinking it is a bear. Man jumps up and he and Ben run off in opposite directions.
Good gag with Ben and dog sled. Both large and small dogs are harnessed, but as they pull the sled, only the big dogs can run and small dogs feet do not reach the ground. Joke with a skunk. Ben falls off sledge when he hits a sign 'North of 57'.
In a log cabin, two men display great anger at each other through their headwear. One has a furry hat whose ears rise and fall, and the other a racoon hat whose tail wags angrily. One man demonstrates how tough he is by picking burning coals out of the range and crushing them in his hand. He blows the dust in the other man's face. Ben rushes into cabin. Girls stands to one side. Real bear enters bedroom. Man leaps out of window. Bear goes to bed. Ben is locked in the room, and climbs into bed. Ben leaves pursued by the bear down snowy slopes. A 'town' sets up around him whn igloos slide into shot. One is a barbers, one a pawn brokers, and one a bath house. Bathing Beauties emerge from igloo and have a snowball fight. Girl dives into hole in ice and pulls Ben in after her. He is helped up and wakes to find himself dreaming with a brown bear on top of him. Bear paws at him and chases Ben Turpin.

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