Film: 3108

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Intolerance - the build up to the hanging of the boy and the massacre of the Huguenots. See 16673 for finale.
The Jesus figure drops his cross, and the Romans whip him to keep walking. A friend picks up the cross for him.
"The boys sentence" In the courtroom, the boy smiles down at the 'Dear One' who bites her hankerchief. She looks up, saying "Please Mr. Judge", trying to smile. The judge reads out ths sentence - "To be hanged from the neck until dead, dead, dead"
The boy stands unsteadily, his eyes wide. The 'Dear One' screams and faints away. The guilty girl looks on. "The kindly officer on the beat learns of the sentence" The girl goes home to the flat, greeting the officer sadly, a black shawl about her face. Mr. Jenkins sits with the Uplifters chatting excitedly. He says "The people everywhere are singing your praises." They smile to one another. "The irresistable impulse" The girl, looking nervous, goes back to visit the scene of the murder, but she panics when the 'Dear One's neighbour walks by.
"In his distant camp, Cyrus awaits the priests" Cyrus walks back and forth, being fanned. A girl dances before him, his followers look on. Carriages drive over rocky land "The Mountain Girl in bold persuit" Her carriage races to catch up with the others.
"The day before the boys execution" The 'Dear One' and the friendly officer stand in her flat, looking for clues that may help the boy. Suddenly, as the officer glances through a newspaper, the 'Dear One' brightens up, nodding franticly. "Feeling the boy wrongly convicted by some mischance of fate, the Kindly Heart sees a ray of hope in the visit of the governor to the city." The boy, dressed in prison stripes walks through a heavy door and looks around him. The girl sits, her guilt becoming too much for her. She has visions of the boy in prison. The kindly officer goes to see the governor in his home, pleading for the life of the boy. In a long black arched hallway, the boy marches up and down. Hundreds of prisoners, all in stripes are crowded together. "And wondered if each one of us would end the self-same way. For none can tell to what red Hell his sightless soul may stray." Shots of sinister faces behind bars. The boy walks on. "The governor unable to give any hope" The officer, cap in hand, goes away dissappointed.
The woman in white rocks the cradle. "At the tents of Cyrus" The procession drives up. "The Mountain Girl from a distance watches the priests arrival." The priest is presented to Cyrus. Crowds look on. "The great conspiracy" The High Priest greets Cyrus as a friend. Cyrus points, dispatching his troops. The woman in white rocks the cradle. Four men climb the steps to a black wooden structure, silhouetted in black against white.
"The boys last dawn. The hangmans test." Three suited men hold knives, checking them over. The boy is woken. The three men, given a signal, cut the three lines of string that are stretched in front of them. The trapdoor of the gallows falls open. The boy is given a suit to wear. The officer goes back to the 'Dear One' shaking his head. The guilty girl again climbs the steps the the flat where she shot the boss. In the flat, the 'Dear One' pulls at the officers front, looking to the heavens. "Desperate, the little wife herself goes to the governor" The girl, hiding, watches the tormented wife who cries out "Oh God! Don't let them do it" The girl looks on, a tear rolls down her cheek. The 'Dear One' and the kindly officer pile into a car together. The girl, in another car follows.
"St. Bartholemews morn. The bells of St Germain." Catherine de Medici throws her arms about, yelling. The Duc d'Anjou looks on. Close up of the bells ringing in the bell tower. The Duc d'Anjou comforts Catherine. Troops march forwards "The beginning of the massacre of St. Bartholemew" In the streets, soldiers are slaughtering people. "For Brown Eyes, a terrible awakening" Brown Eyes runs from the bed to the window. Her father struggles to shut the door against the oncoming soldiers.
The 'Dear One' and the officer drive up to a building. The girl follows. "The 'Dear Ones' appeal to the governor fruitless" She swoons on the steps outside the governors house, screaming. The officer leads her away. The girl turns to walk away. The officer catches sight of the girl and races after her. The governor and his entourage walk down the steps of his house. "The governor leaves" The 'Dear One' pleads once more. Meanwhile, the officer has caught up with the girl and he is questioning her. The governor drives off. Finally, the girl cries out "I killed him! I did it, I did it!" They all hurredly get into a car together "They attempt to overtake the governor before he reaches the train" .
The woman in white rocks the cradle. In the camp of Cyrus the troops are getting ready. Cyrus points, giving directions. The Mountain Girl looks on. "Her long wait rewarded, she goes to advise Belshazzar of the new advance on Babylon." Climbing into her carriage, she races off. Cyrus' troops advance in formation. The Mountain Girl races ahead.
"The last sacrament." The prison director lets the priest into the Boys cell. The Boy smiles up at him as they talk. Meanwhile, the officer and the 'Dear One', car pulls up outside the train station. The Boy confesses his sins to the prist. The governor boards the train, his suitcases passed up behind him. The car races down the road. The train pulls out of the station. The governor takes his seat. Arriving at the station, the officer, 'Dear One' and guilty girl step out of the car, only to find that the train has already left. Nearby, some men are testing out a racing car. The group rush up to them, explaining their situation. The train speeds up. "No. 8, after the train, leaps with a new impulse." They all pile in. The train races through the landscape. The Boy looks up at the priest. The train rushes past. The car races alongside the railway tracks. The train rounds a corner. Later, the car races round the road pst the sme tracks. From far away, the train rides along the horizon line. The car moves towards the camera.
Cyrus' troops gallop forwards. The train races on. Shot from the wheels. The car narrowly misses another on the road. The trains engine. The Boy closes his eyes as the priest crosses him and places a wafer in his mouth. He looks up to the heavens, then gently falls forwards. The priest catches him. The train drives forwards, the car, almost caught up, races on in the distance. In side the car, the 'Dear One' smiles and points. Close up of the drivers foot pushing the accelerator. From the side, the car races forwards, the officer clinging onto the back and yelling out. The train and car rush forwards together. Eventually, the car overtakes and stops across the tracks. The passangers get out to wave it down. It grinds to a halt. The governors entourage peer out of the windows. The officer, 'Dear One' and the guilty girl all climb aboard the train.
"Intolerance, burning and slaying" The massacre of St. Bartholemew. People run and writhe, hanging out of windows. A man is run through with a sword. A close up of it going into his stomach. A little girl cowers in fear from the soldiers. Next to her an old man in a black cape looks down, she cries for help and he hides her in his robes. The soldiers pass, asking where the girl is. The man gestures them on, the girl peeks out as they go.
"In the doomed city - 'Our marriage will be announced tomorrow'" Belshazzar looks up, holding the hand of his beloved. Around them, people eat and drink. "This bud will blossom - tomorrow" A man leans whispering in the ear of a woman swathed in muslin. Another woman lies, dressed in a transparent material and flowers, she holds up a goblet. "Beloved, I will begin building your city - tomorrow." Belshazzar looks across at his Beloved. She smiles into the distance. Cyrus stands in his carriage, riding through the desert, surveying his troops.

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