Film: 3109

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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The sites and scenery of East Anglia in England, covering the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

Titles and credit over a map of East Anglia. Waving corn in a field. River or canal in flat East Anglian countryside. Crops growing in rows in a field, a farm - part of the Fenlands. Women picking crops in a field. A farmer places a crate of strawberries on a bench. The crate is stacked with others - 'Long Sutton' is prominent on the crates. Flowers growing in a field. A farm labourer hoes between rows of roses. Close up of a pink rose. A red rose. A yellow rose. Ely Cathedral seen over surrounding farmland. The Cathedral's front facade - Romanesque architecture. Cathedral buttresses and the central lantern tower. Closer, the front tower. (The commentary tells us that Hereward the Wake made his last stand against the Normans at Ely.) View of Ely and countryside from the tower. Soil ploughed in a field, green fields and hedges beyond. Sign: 'State Forest Thetford Chase'. A train passes arable fields and a wood. A fir tree standing on a heath. A lake. A flint built Breckland medieval church, near a wood. King's Lynn on the Wash, its port seen across water. The Guildhall - its facade made of flint and other stone, its coat of arms. A quiet street of old houses. Another, a man riding a bycylce. The archway of a Georgian house. The old Custom House, built ca. 1700. The Custom House seen from another quay. A nearby old port, its harbour now used only by small pleasure boats. Closer. Trees and buildings, a red and white tower in the distance. A wide sandy beach, a family playing with their dog. A family sit looking out over the beach and sea from the dunes. Another view of the beach and sea. A couple roller skating at a seaside rink. Young girls skating in groups. Young boys (mostly) in tiny pedal cars. Pedal boats on a boating lake. A helter-skelter. Revolving mini aeroplanes on a fairground ride. Various rides and visitors. Children watching a Punch and Judy show. Similar. The show itself. Three boys watching - stereotypically dressed for the time - ties and collars, armless jumpers, one with a school cap, another with naff sunglasses. Holiday makers on the sand and in the sea on Great Yarmouth (probably) foreshore. Holiday makers strolling along an esplanade. Others on a busy street, tourist shops, a passing bus (could be Lowestoft or Great Yarmouth). Fish in a crate. Packers sorting the fish. A fisherman swings a basket of fish from his boat to shore. A packer cthes it and spills the herrings onto a sorting table. Flat capped packers at work. The packing house, packers and stacks of crates. Masts and prows of trawlers in the harbour. Waves lap a shingle beach. Fishing boats anchored in an inlet. A fisherman at the helm of his baot. His POV as he sails out to sea. The fisherman again. The mast. The fisherman pulls on a rope. The rope in coils. The fisherman hauls in his net. Another angle. Closer. The fisherman spills fish onto the boat's floor. He sorts his catch and throws out starfish. A seagull chases throwaway. The boat's stern as it approaches harbour. The boat sails in an inlet. Boats resting on mud flats. Mud falts and salt marsh. Blythburgh church - medieval with a tower at one end. Southwold lighthouse and town green. Modest houses looking out to sea. Orford - view of the town and, in the distance, the lighthouse on Orford Ness. Ruined tower of the parish church. The partly ruined Orford Castle. Waves wash a shore. Tourists look out from the top of the castle. A thatched roof. The thatcher secures the tahtching. Closer. The cloth capped thatcher. View up the ladder. The thatched roof which is on top of a medieval church. A gentle river and trees. Flatford mill, which was painted by Constable. Another mill, looming over a slow river. Gushing water. Children playing in the river. A black and white timber cotage. A boy fishing on a river bank. Two young boys in a rowing boat. Others in a canoe sail past a cottage. They paddle past trees. Young women in a rowing boat. Boats in a boating lake. Young men fish from a canoe near the lake's edge. The spire of Norwich Cathedral., and the town. Closer. The imposing medieval Guildhall. Norwich's Elm Hill medieval street, a craft shop on the corner. A view down the street. The modern, grand, Civic Hall. Closer, a bronze statue of a lion outside it. The Norman castle - a sqaure keep. St Peter Metcroft medieval church. A shopping street, busy with pedestrians. The market, filled with stalls. Closer, shoppers oacked betweent he stalls. Milling customers. A trader shows off a hand bag for sale. People watching - many cloth capped men. Others. Shoppers filing between stalls. A busy, winding city centre street, no cars. The Cathedral and its spire. Romanesque architecture and buttresses on one side of the Cathedral. A sailing boat with full sail on a river. The stern. The boat passes a windmill and cows on the bank. Two sailing boats manoevre around each other. The earlier boat creates a wake. View along our boat of the water along the side. The earlier boat's prow. It speeds along. Behind it, on shore, a steam train passes by. The boat's young male crew members. The boat turns. The young female crew members. A large motor boat sails towards us. The family on board. Several elegant sailing boats on a lake or wide river. A husband and wife sail by in one of them. A similar boat and couple sail by. We circle the lake which is busy with boats. The turning sails of a windmill. The archway of a ruined medieval building- probably Castle Acre. A similar arch.. Ruined walls, crumbling masonry. Waving corn stalks. A church tower. A church seen past fields where poppies grow. Closer, the poppies. Beyond the poppies we see farm buildings and fields. Waving corn. A corn or grass field.

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