Film: 3113

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Documentary drama on Anti crime and protection rackets set in a garage. Also includes adverts for razors.
Advert for Schick razors.
Text says that this programme is dedicated to fight crime across the United States. Man talks to camera about the problems of loan sharks and how people can get seriously into trouble. He introduces the drama which will illustrate how loan sharks operate.
Taxi cab garage. The drivers return to the garage after their shift. The drivers talk amongst themselves, one, Sam Polanski has a sick child in hospital and admits to his co-worker that he has had to borrow money. Sam's wife arrives. A debt collector comes to the garage to get some money from Sam who says that he can not pay and that he had already paid back the money. The debt collector threatens Sam then pushes him to the ground. Sam's wife and the other taxi drivers gather around and the debt collector leaves. The boss of the cab company, Mr Carter comes out of his office to see what the noise is about. Wife says they have had to borrow money as their son is sick. She tells Carter that other drivers are also in debt to the loan shark. Carter talks to Sam and his wife in the office and says he will pay off the loan for them, but the conversation is over heard by the clerk, who is a stooge of the loan shark. Carter tells the clerk to find out who else in the firm owes money. Carter goes to the loan shark and complains about his driver being hit by the debt collector. Carter gives the loan shark a cheque to pay off all his employees debts. The loan shark says it isn't enough, but Carter says he calculated the interest at 2.5% a month, the maximum legal rate. The loan shark tears the cheque up and threatens Carter. Carter leaves and tells his drivers that he will continue to fight the loan shark. Gangsters outside the garage, they come in brandishing guns. They use crow-bars to smash up the taxis in the garage, the drivers and Carter look on unable to do anything, some of the hoodlums hit the taxi drivers but as the hoods have guns the drivers have to take it. The gangsters leave saying this is just a taster. Carter refuses to be intimidated and says he will continue to fight. The drivers are nervous and afraid. Carter says that if they all speak up to the District attorney, the loan shark and his heavies would go to jail. The drivers are still worried. Carter asks Sam Polanski to come into the office. He tells Sam that he will go to the D.A. in the morning and he wants Sam to speak up against the loan shark. Sam says he will think about it, but the stooge clerk overhears and as soon as the office is empty he warns the loan shark. That night, the night mechanic Scottie works on the cars in the garage. The clerk comes in and Scottie is surprised to see him as it is nearly midnight. The clerk says he has some urgent paperwork to do, but asks Scottie to get him some coffee from a late night store some distance away. Scottie leaves and the clerk lets some of the loan sharks heavies into the garage. They know Sam is going to testify to the DA so they set a bomb in his taxi. The clerk gets worried but the heavies say it will not hurt him, it will just give Sam a jolt, they are lying to the clerk. The next morning, Sam sees there is something wrong with his taxi as there are muddy foot prints on the floor. He asks the clerk who says that Scottie was there all night and would not have let anyone in, but that Scottie had gone home. But Scottie is still at the garage and when Carter ask him, he tells that the clerk had sent him out for half an hour around midnight. They all get suspicious of the clerk. Carter says he believes the clerk but just to prove to the boys he wants the clerk to drive Sam's cab. The clerk nervously gets into the cab, but believing it is rigged just to give Sam a fright, he starts the engine. The taxi explodes and the clerk is killed. Carter says that he is going to the DA and Sam goes with him to testify.
The host of the show explains to camera that loan sharks are being wiped out as people stand up to them. He says that banks and other organisations will now loan money to people who can not afford to save in case of an emergency. He says that loan sharks must be stamped out. He says next show will be about teenagers and narcotics.

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