Film: 3115

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The 44th boat since the end of World War Two.
The boat 'unafraid' of the 'Hagana', sailing to Israel. At night the people get in smaller boats somewhere in Italy before going to the ship. On board are immigrants from many places in Poland, Hungary, Romania all sailed from Italy. On board were 150 babies. Most of the journey they had to hide from the British forces. People only allowed on deck at night. During day people below decks under the battened down hatches. Woman gives birth on the ship. British spotter airplane discovers the ship. Warships approach the ship and prepare to board it. Jewish emigrants raise the Star of David flag of Israel. Since it was an illegal immigration, when the boat arrived at Palestine waters, the British announced none will be harmed and so hundreds of immigrants came out onto the deck, 850, British forces came on board and upon arrival at the Haifa port, all were captured and sent onto a camp in Cyprus within three hours.

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