Film: 3118

War + Military | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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Britain's continuing relationship with a developing South Africa
Aerial views across cities of South Africa. Aeroplane in the sky. Landing. Airport interior. Passengers departing a plane. Arrivals lounge. Contemporary urban buildings in a city. Railway with train. Transport networks, road croasses railway. Curving motorways. Industrial landscape, factory. Elevated view of a city. Busy traffic and pedestrians. Marching band parade. Spectators. Black children enjoying a playground. White children at a fairground. More exciting rides. Military horeseman show. International trade fair. Steel production ? Satelite station. Industrial montage.

Propeller engine testing. Aircraft construction. Defence training programme exercises. Pilots in action. Airfield. Pilots getting into planes. Jet aircraft taking off. Flying in formation. Plane to plane views. Inside plane, paratroopers jump out. Landing. Simulated army training (very Dad's Army). Tanks. Field artillery training. Explotions. Loading guns. Amphibious river craft and boats. Marching troops.

Historic canon. Coast with choppy sea crashing against rocks. Wrecks. Cape of Good Hope. Sailing vessels. Steam ship. Military ships. Interiors with crew, perescope and radar use. Explotions in the sea. Ship's bell rung.

Onshore, South African war memorial event. Laying wreaths, silence. Gun salute. Archive footage of World War II fighting, slightly pink to suggest it's a flashback memory of one of the men at the memorial. Parade. Jet aircraft display. Romantic evening views of the coast. Lighthouse at sunset. War ship at dusk. City lights.

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