Film: 3121

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Transportation in Latin America (by sea, by rail, by road and by airplane).

Latin America is a living history book of transportation, where old and new exist side by side.

Opening sequence of plane and sail boats. Dry out canoes paddled through reeds. Passenger ship. Farmer carries heavy load of hay on his back. Truck transports large wire cables. Rope bridge. Suspension bridge with car. Burro / donkey with man on back. Ford truck. Sign "Camiones Ford" (Ford trucks).
Showing journey between New York and San Francisco separated by two mountain ranges and rolling plains and in Mexico topography of country is mainly made up of high plateau and as a result roads and railways are hard to build and maintain.
Mountains: Dry and hard.
Eight thousand feet above the sea the earth is dry and hard.
South America where the Andes rise to a height of 21,000 ft. in the west of the country.
Andes with snow.
Diagram: South America
In the east Amazon rain forests.
Amazon rain forest.
South American Map:
Showing historical routes that the early settlers took between 1536-1538 (Quesada) following Rio Magdalena to its source (Bogotá, Colombia). The route from Quito (Orellana) 1539-41 through the Amazon River an more. And Aguirre in 1560 from the Amazon River, to Rio Negro and Rio Orinoco.
Traditional sailing boats. Harbour. Crabs. Cargo boats. People working. Big ship. Main transportation (at that time no roads, no railways). A big cargo box reads "Dodge".
South American Map with intertitle seventeenth century:
Seventeenth century laws. Instigated prohibitive trading agreements. They could not trade with each other. They trade mainly with Europe and USA.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Buenos Aires, Argentina
Table mountain Rio de Janeiro. Streets in Rio. Cinema showing Scarface with Paul Muni prominent.
South American Map with diagram:
Showing small fragmented railway system in Argentina and Brazil.
Mexico map:
Only a few railroad lines.
Brazil map:
Railway lines in the Eastern coast
Field with cattle and truck with sugar cane. People working with sugar cane. Train transporting sugar cane by small gauge privately owned railway.
Mountains and railway:
Privately owned railway line which climbs towards the Peruvian Andes, taking copper down from the mines to the coast.
Copper work town with Indian workmen and North American overseers. Workers leave mine. Copper being melted. Slabs of copper being transported by ship.
Imported construction and railway equipment including locomotives. Sign "Baldwin Locomotives - Philadelphia".
Train leaving small village, crossing barren plains, through valley and tunnel.

Train Station. Train arriving. Vendors in platform. Train sign "Mexicano - Express". Unique electric train in Mexico.
Interior train, people. Mexican drink from water fountain on train.
Platform full of locals.

City. Ship. Train station. Railway system created with British investment. In railway. Sign "Commander". Originally constructed to bring the products of the pampas to Buenos Aires to be shipped abroad.
Big mountain covered in snow. Border with Chile… sign "Tome su derecha" (Keep to your right).

Snow. Chilean side of pass snow bound because of continual danger of avalanche. Heavy diggers expand transport system in particular round network.
Men working the land.
Tractor making a route. Roads are being built. Men working on the roads.
Pan-American highway (stretching from Alaska to Cape Horn)
Road with car. Bridge. Valley.
South American map:
System of roads. Road follows mountain traits of what is left of the great Inca highway. Starts in Laredo (diagram).
Bus station. Lots of activity. People getting out and going in buses. Poor Mexicans travelling by bus. Bus travels through villages and countryside.
Car struggling to negotiate roads affected by heavy rains during the rainy season.
South American map / diagrams showing:
Ship routes. Journeys by ship from the North to Valparaiso and Buenos Aires (take 18 days).
Flight routes between Miami, U.S.A. and Santiago and Buenos Aires (take three days).

Passenger airplane taking off past Table Mountain (Brazil) .
Remote oil derrick in jungle. Plane lands in jungle clearing. Plane identified as Pan American Grace Airways. Plane details: NC 818. Clouds. Interior of airplane. Passengers looking through the windows. Clouds. Pan American Grace Airways sea plane lands. Workers in airfield. Pan American plane hangar, with propeller driven aircraft. Close up propeller. Passengers alight (woman with kid received by captain). Workers checking parts of aircraft.


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