Film: 3122

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


"The War Effort of Australia assuming wider proportions with every passing week, is sincerely dedicated to the People of England, who have so nobly defended the Ramparts of Civilisation." Australia home front in World war Two

A map of Australia's outline; inside the map rows of marching Australian Imperial Force ( AIF ) enlistees, wearing slouch hats and rifles over their right shoulders. They march down a city street. Sailors are marching, crowds watch and cheer. Airmen of the RAAF ( Royal Australian Air Force ) march with rifles.

View of a pretty farming valley. Four haystacks in beehive shapes stand in the valley. A broad paddock of wheat. In flat country, a wheat field is stripped by a team of eight horses pulling a harvester, a farmer in a wide brimmed hat is on the seat of the harvester. There is a sequence of shots as the harvester passes over the crop and strips it. Three modern harvesting machines, pulled by tractors, follow each other through a wheat crop. A tractor with bulldozer tread pulls the harvester, the driver of the tractor is shaded by a big umbrella, two men stand on the back of the harvester and bag the wheat; one puts the grain into the bag, the other sews the top of the hessian wheat sack. A close-up shows the first man lifting a latch that allows the grain to fall into the sack. The second labourer lifts the stitched bag of wheat and stands it on the side of the harvester. A truck drives through the paddock laden with bags of wheat. Several trucks arrive at the local grain silo, they all carry high loads of wheat.

A herd of hundreds of cattle are driven down the slope of a hillside property. Several stockmen on horses drive the cattle into a picturesque gully. The cattle are being led to water in a creek. There is a close-up of the horned, mostly Hereford cattle. After they water, the cattle are pushed through the dapple-shaded creek. A close-up of a stockman on his horse as the late afternoon sun shines low through the trees onto the cattle. The herd is pushed up the hill on the other side of the creek. Cattle mill in a sale yard pen, a man carrying a staff pats them. The cattle mill about.

A very large flock of sheep are herded in a broad valley by men on horseback and sheep dogs. A rider circles the hill and the hundreds of sheep. Another rider passes down into a valley, the late afternoon sun casts shadows over the hill and the milling sheep. There is a sequence of shots as the flock passes through lightly treed country. There is a close-up of two magnificent Merino rams, their profile showing large curling horns and their thick wool. A mans hands open the fleece of one of the rams to display the magnificent fleece. A horseman and several dogs herd the sheep near the outbuildings of a sheep station. The sheep are in full fleece. A sheep dog races about, expertly rounding up the flock. The animals are pushed through a narrow gateway. The huge flocks are brought together at the sheep yards by the horsemen. Three men push a flock up a race, the sheep dog jumps on the backs of the tightly packed sheep. The dog runs along the sheep's' backs for the length of the race then jumps off. Inside the shearing shed, sheep are herded into the pens. Most of the holding pens are now full of sheep. A big ewe is pulled out of a pen by a shearer, he drags her by the front legs backwards and turns her. He begins to shear the fleece.

The old timber shearing shed is very large, with about twenty shearing stands and shearers. There is a sequence of shots that show the long line of sheerer as they bend over their task, the fleece is thrown over the wool tables and the rouseabouts and shed hands sort the wool, they wool classer classifies the wool into grades for shipping. Shearers finish off two sheep simultaneously, and they push them out between their legs down the race. Outside the shearing shed, the sheep are counted. The sheep leap into the air as the stress of shearing is over. The increasing number of shorn sheep are put into a large pen for returning to pasture.

A pretty farm and home sit in a valley. In the late afternoon sun, a herd of dairy cows meander down a country lane. In a pretty gully with lovely old gum trees the cows wander to the milking sheds. The are in no rush to arrive at the milking yard. Inside two white clad men wash down two cows udders. They sit on stools and milk each cow by hand. Milk or cream is poured into a large rectangle stainless steel tank in a milk factory. It passes over vertical rollers. The cream is churned into butter in a large round machine with a glass door. Low trolleys packed high with bulk butter stand in a row, a man in white overalls pulls one of the mountains to the packing section. In a large store room, men are pushing trolleys packed high with boxed butter, two other men are sampling and testing one of the boxes of butter.

Hundreds of hens run about an egg farm. There is a sequence of shots of white hens milling about. Two egg farmers collect the eggs in wire baskets and mental buckets. They put down their wire baskets of eggs beside several other full buckets. In an egg packing plant, the eggs are sorted as they are washed on rollers. Women in white uniforms and caps are seen sorting, washing and packing eggs. An attractive young women in a white hat and uniform is seen surrounded by thousands of eggs in wooden boxes. She packs the eggs two at a time. On two eggs someone has painted manic-looking caricatures of Hitler and Mussolini's faces. The young woman is seen tossing the eggs down with force. The broken eggs lie on the floor. The girl looks at the camera and speaks and she continues to pack the eggs.

A tall forest of farmed trees awaits harvest. Woodchoppers stand either side of a large tree trunk. A huge old tree is about to be felled. A sawyer stands on a wooden plank that has been inserted into the tree high above the ground, and he begins to chop at the trunk. A large eucalyptus crashes through the other trees in a rain forest as it is felled. A sequence of shots show magnificent high old gum trees being felled. A log is pulled by a rope across the forest floor. It is pulled up a sharp incline. The great log is tucked neatly beside another. The force behind the rope is seen, it is a bullock team in the forest, men stand beside the bullocks with whips. Railway steam engines and flat wagons are used to transport the huge logs.

A sequence of shots shows bulk what coming out of hoppers and grain sheds, and into ship holds. On a dock, as string of ropes holds many bags of milled flour and it is lifted up and onto the ship. A string of wool bales are lifted together and hang like a bunch of grapes. They are lifted high and lowered into the hold. On the wharf, two labourers supervising the raising of a pellet of boxes of either eggs or butter. A huge string of ropes carries many carcasses of beef into the ships hold. Sheep skins packed together tightly are raised off the dock. The sheepskins are lowered into he ships hold.

Several chimneys of industrial plants rise into the sky. On a harbour, factories and they chimneys are reflected in the water. A sequence of shots shows a steel plant manufacturing steel. Men shovel coal into a blast furnace. An air raid shelter is constructed with corrugated iron, men have dug a deep hole and are building a corrugated iron shed in the hole. Four men bolt it together. One man fills in the hole around the shelter with soil. A sequence of shots of a factory which makes tin hats. There is a close-up of a person wearing a gas mask. Rows of young men sit at benches in a factory and construct gas masks. A sequence of shots shows the different parts and stages of production. A further sequence of shots shows a heavy steel production plant making heavy plate steel for tank production. A tank in the final stage of production is worked on by several men. Another sequence shows the various final stages of the production of tanks in an ordnance factory. Finally the tanks are put through their paces in a test field in the country. The treads have ploughed up the soil and dust rises.

More industrial chimneys send smoke into the air. An interior of a factory with many men standing at benches. Workers stack ammunition shells that have been manufactured into rows and piles some of the machinery that has been used is shown, including the moulds. A mound of barbed wire, or tailings is beside a worker stacking large ammunition shells. A lathe turns and shell is shaped, there is a sequence of various types of lathes shaping different shells, at one stage a man speaks to the camera. A sequence of many different types of ammunition shell stacks and rows in the ordnance factory. A man puts a cylindrical package into an ammunition shell, possibly incendiary material. Another worker pours something into a shell. Rows and stacks of shells. Two men load large shells onto a cart which is mounted on flat wagons on railway lines in the factory. Another two men are moving what appears to be a large torpedo. A field with a fence and forest in the background, a moving shot of at least 30 different ammunition shells, graded according to size, from very small to very large. Five young women, wearing uniforms and white caps work at a table which is covered in bullets, they place the bullets into canvas cartridge belts, there is a sequence of shots showing the bullets put in and finally the belts are stacked in piles. A sequence of shots of men at an ordnance factory working at individual machines fitting and turning gun parts. A worker shows the basic body of a machine gun. A worker is boring the barrel of a gun. Two factory workers hold up the barrels and inspect the bored barrels. When he attaches the stands on the machines guns, a gun maker is able to stand them in a row on a bench. The finished machine guns stand in a neat row, the worker adds another completed gun to the collection. A young fitter and turner is using a fine blow torch to finish a barrel of a gun. A row of parts of a gun stand awaiting construction. Men work at benches in a factory polishing stacks of rifles in the final stages of production. The factory has stands with many rows of rifles.

A long view of a large industrial plant, this time an ordnance plant for large field artillery and naval guns. In a well-lit part of the obviously new factory a man lifts the huge barrel of a field gun by turning two handles. The next shot shows several of these huge guns, some have extending barrels or two barrels, one underneath each other. The vast factory has many turning machines at which men work. A sequence of shots has fitters and turners and mechanics buildings all sizes and parts of aeroplane engines. Men in line work at different parts of the engine as it is being assembled. Another sequence of shots shows the production of the body and wings and structural parts of the aeroplane. Finally, a shot of a row of planes lined up in row in a field, some have their propellers spinning. A pilot in full flying gear turns and speaks to the camera then puts on his goggles. The row of produced planes is seen again.

A ship is under construction in a dock yard. The steel frame used for the construction of the ship moves overhead. Men move about the dock amongst the steel, the ship lies in the background. Moving machinery in a factory show the production of the ships artillery. A long cylindrical barrel is calibrated. A wide view of the fitter and turner calibrating the barrel of a ships gun. A man works on the ships propeller. Another worker tightens rivets on the side of the ship. A shipbuilder is tightening rivets on the deck. The bow of the ship is seen to move down the spillway. The ship is launched, it slides into the water of the harbour. A young man on a ladder supervise the launching. Press members with cameras, and others stand about as the ship is launched into Sydney Harbour. The proud bow slips into he water. The bow looms above.

A long view of the city of Sydney and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on an almost cloudless day. A view of war-time Melbourne from the Yarra River. An aerial view of a city. Three very modern tall buildings are shown. The main street of Sydney is shown packed with tens of thousands of people. On the corner of Swanson and Flinders Streets, Melbourne, there are trams and cars and pedestrians. A close view of people crossing Swanson Street from Flinders Street Station.

A series of brochures exhorting men to enlist in the various Forces. A recruiting poster for the Royal Australian Navy. A young sailor wears the cap with HMAS Cerberus. Naval officers march on parade in a large parade ground. A naval ship slices through the ocean. The bow splashes through the sea as it rides waves. A series of warships sail in formation. A line of warships sail in a single line. The ships guns turn in unison.

A recruiting poster for the Australian Imperial Force. ( AIF ) a recruiting poster for the Royal Australian Air Force ( RAAF ). A parade of air force personnel takes place at an airfield. A group of six light planes takes off from the airfield. A sequence of shots of different types of small RAAF planes flying in formation.

A recruiting poster for the AIF. Men in civilian clothes pour through the gates of a city recruiting centre. There is a close -up of many eager young men. A recruiting officer seated at a table takes a young mans papers. He fills in a form. A dozen young are swearing taking an oath, all of them have their hands on the one bible, as an officer looks on. A doctor inspects an enlistee. The young man is seen to stand near an medical imaging (?) machine. An army officer is shouting orders. A group of soldiers in bush hats and long overcoats are marching in front of many army huts in a training camp. In the country, a long line of soldiers marches down a dirt road, they wear slouch hats and fatigues and carry guns, officers salute them, there is a group of civilians watching. Lines of AIF soldiers are seen marching in picturesque countryside.

Another series of shots shows Australian soldiers marching down a city's streets with crowds waving goodbye. They walk up the gangplank of a P & O troop ship. A series of shots of different branches of he Australian Army in different uniforms boarding the troop ship to Europe. A young man in a slouch hat pauses as he goes up the gangplank and speaks directly to the camera. The bright sun shines on the boarding soldiers.

RAAF personnel walk up the gangplank. They stand to attention on deck. A column of sailors walk down the wharf. They climb the gangplank onto the ship. A series of shots shows the troops waving from the ship and crowds on the wharf are waving farewell. The huge troop ship moves away from the wharf. Women and children stand on the Sydney Harbour Heads and wave to a ship as it sails away to war. The ship passes through Sydney harbour. The Australian flag flies slowly across the screen. The British flag replaces it. An oval shot of King George IV as he salutes appears on the Union Jack.

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