Film: 3124

Farming + Rural Life | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Farmer moves all stocks by train (BR). Stokesley, Yorkshire packed up and moved to the station - lots of trains.
Loading sacks onto Lorry.
Wagons, the farm equipment into goods wagons. Hitching up railway carriages.
House contents removal - rocking horse and spinning wheel.
Catching chickens and putting them in hen house watched by sheepdog. Tractors pull the hen house. Pedigree Hereford cows into cattle trucks. Family get into car with farmer last to leave locking the door.
Sawdust being scatted in rail truck for under cattle. Hereford Bull being loaded. Starts snowing. Rest of the train hitched. Pigs loaded with baby pigs recently born being carried on board. Farm hands board and train leaves.
Arrive at Hartfield, Sussex. Farm hands drive tractors.
Unloading cattle on new farm and putting them in barn. Looking at them with Tilly Lantern. Geese.

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