Film: 3125

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The city of Canton, China, Asia in the 1940's

80 miles form Hong Kong, on the Pearl River. River barges. The docks, mainly unmechanized, house boats. Family cooking and eating. Town centre, rickshaws. The old city markets, street of the cloth makers. Foreign power machines, cotton. accountant at work with abacus. Silk industry. Silversmiths at work. Ivory shop and production. Porcelain painting, Buddha. Garden seats etc. Religious ceremonies. Schools. Canton university, electrical engineering. Agriculture, paddy fields. Canton camels. food market. Baskets. Violin maker. Rich household, kitchen, family at dinner. The Opera, dancing and music (very good). Public letter writer and fortune tellers. Busy general view of city in China. China just before communism.

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