Film: 3126

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Map of African continent. Camera focuses on South African. An area on map is drawn and called 'Union of South African'. Long shot of native Africa village, medium long shot of same. Native Africans hoeing ground in village (hut in background). They wear long cloaks around their shoulders. African men walking through village. Some wear feather head-dresses. One wears fluffy balls at knees. African women grinding corn by rubbing a piece of stone on a block of stone. Close up of women's head. Black child with necklace on. Close up of grinding. Black men sitting in circle in fenced off area. Another in leopard skin sits in middle. shot of same man from front (between two heads of the seated men). Close up of man in leopard skins. Commentator speaks of government reservations where natives sometimes dress as their ancestors did. The seated black men making shields. Close up of African with intricate headdress. Commentator state that majority of natives work in cities and diamond mines. Map of South Africa indicating National Reservations and Johannesburg. Aerial views of Johannesburg. Man made mountains from gold mines outside the city. Exterior of office buildings. The suburbs (viewed through trees). Dutch colonial house (exterior): white walls, bungalow, large garden. Interior of middle class South African house. The family (parents and two children ) are sitting down for dinner. Commentator tells us that although the whites who live in South Africa come from Holland and Britain they are South Africans. Medium close up of young man, a mining engineer, and the father of the two children. He is middle aged, wears a suit and tie. Shot of daughter, Mary eating. She has bow in her long hair and wears a gingham dress. Commentator explains that Mr. Young's grandfather came to South Africa in 1880. Shot of son, Peter, eating who wears white shirt, dark tie. They wipe mouths with napkins and walk away from table. As they walk out of shot a black male servant in a white coat walks in to put bowls on tray. The Youngs leave house. Shot from interior of car of the Youngs walking towards car. They get into British made car and drive off down quiet road. Roads getting busier as they get closer to city. Stream of traffic in city centre. Tram, people on pavements, woman buying flowers from stall. Then Youngs park. Parking sign written is Afrikaans. Mr Young on pavement takes out packet watch and arranges to meet wife later. He walks in one direction with Peter and she with Mary in the other. The female Young at fruit and vegetable market. Apples in crates, sweet corn. In butchers, carcasses hanging up in background, butchers slices meat joint. Map indicating farming regions of South Africa. Long horn cattle grazing in the grassy Veldt plateau. White man riding horse to herd cattle (he has whip). Cattle herded into pens, cattle standing in pens. Aerial shots of enormous orange groves that reach as far as eye can see. Black people picking oranges, others carrying crates on shoulders. Natives stacking crates of oranges. Vineyards, black women picking grapes. Grapes poured from baskets into crates on horse drawn cart. The Youngs leaving the busy market. people on pavements in Johannesburg. Policeman directing traffic. Indicates pedestrian should cross road. Peter and Mr Young are first to cross. They enter office building. Exterior of office sky scraper. Shot of office door stating: Mining Engineer. Peter and his father enter. Mr Young is given papers by female secretary, he raises blinds. They look out of windows. Industrial mine. Mine winching gear. Miners entering lift. Lift operator (white) elevator descending. At bottom lift is opened and black miner emerge wearing rags and mining helmet, white mining supervisor explains with chalk where the native is to work. They drill hole for dynamite. Dynamite fuses sticking out of the underground rock force are lit by black man. Five boys and foreman withdraw to safe zone. Explosion. Black men shovelling rock into mining wagons. They push dump cars to mine shaft. Underground train of these cars. Rock being tipped from enormous bucket at surface into chute. Stamping machine pounding the ore. One man shouting into another man's ear. gold. One being removed from furnace and being poured into blocks (all men are now white). Gold bars being stamped with name of mine. Black man passing nuggets from trolled to another who puts them into van. (They are overseen by security guard and man with clip board). The map again, indicates Kimberly diamond Mines. Aerial view of mines. Black men tipping earth into skips from cars. white man sifting through earth that is descending along chute. Vibrating tables .... with water along which earth is spread. Diamonds stick to table, other minerals are washed away. Diamond graders with piles of diamonds, tweezers and magnifying goggles. The cutting and polishing of diamonds. Men sitting at desks , the Youngs enter. The polishing machine. Smarmy Mary talks to smarmy Peter who is now wearing a blazer. In office Youngs are shown enormous diamond. Piles of diamonds. Mrs Young has large diamond placed on her finger ( size?) Aerial views of Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain. aerial view of Cape Town's port. Ship in harbour. Dewicks. Cargo crate being lowered into ship's hold in docks. Passenger ship docking. People on liners, people in dock side waving. Girl's head sticking out of port holes. Immigrants from Europe. People (mainly women and children) walking down gang plank, disembarking. The Cape of Good Hope, beaches, waves. Cliffs.

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