Film: 3136

Education | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Village primary schools, education, classrooms in Oxfordshire. Schools near the Warwickshire border, Cotswolds and the Thames Valley.
An approach to the educational needs and opportunities for children in rural areas.

Children seen waling along road in Cotswold village. Thames Valley general views.
Boys working with rakes in school grounds and other children skipping in school playground. Classroom scene with children at their desks. A boy and girl building a model of country village, and close up as a girl writes in exercise book with a jar of tadpoles on her desk. Art lesson. P.E. lesson outdoors in playground using hoops, balls etc. Children sit outdoors making items from willow. Schoolchildren in the countryside.
Oxfordshire. Close up of thatched roofs on houses. Two children run along pavement as bus passes. Children entering school building where bicycles stand against the stone wall. Children work in classroom. Close up of a boy using a paintbrush adding illustrations to his written work. Wall collage/picture.
A manor house in Oxford (Near Wroxton) not far from the birthplace of Shakespeare.
Children visit the building to look at architecture and exhibits. Close to the Manor, a village church, where children took at the tomb of the Lord of the Manor. A child's drawing of Shakespeare and other work related to the topic. Modelling using clay.
A boy and girl hold hands leaving school and skip off down the road.
Another school towards Gloucestershire where children do basketwork, a traditional craft using rushes. The group of children set out to collect rushes from a nearby stream. Children enter the water!! They tie the bundles of reeds and carry them back to school past the stone wall of the school. Close up of children's work. Children gathering flowers.
5-7 year olds play shop using a balance scales, tell the time, and writing.
North Oxfordshire, Near Woodstock and the River Glyme. Children with fishing nets catch specimens for the school aquarium. Children check water plants. Close up of water snail.
A maths lesson measuring the speed of the stream using sticks over a measured distance. Children up a trey and walking through wood.
Entering school building - three girls run in late. Sitting at desks the children identify specimens against pictures. Nature tables. Putting plants into aquarium. Jar of tadpoles. Examples of work including a model village. Map of the Thames Valley and River Glyme. Pressed flowers.

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