Film: 3137

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Holidays. Holiday camp, outdoor and activity and utility holidays, holidays at home. Good scenes of men doing domestic chores.

A montage of British working people and the variety of jobs that they do. Men working digging up the road on a busy street. A queue of people outside a fruit or greengrocers stall. Hundreds of people walking over a London bridge. Men working as tailors. Men working on a building site. Miners putting coal in a chute. Women packing in a factory. Girls or women in a typing pool. A large room or factory full of printing presses, a woman works at one of them. Ballerinas or dancers crowded in a dressing room, looking into mirrors. Waitresses carrying trays of food in in a Lyons tea house or corner house. Shots of a steam train on the move. A little girl on a beach. View of an empty beach. A Coastline. Mountains. A seaside town. Other views of seaside towns.

01:05:00. The crowded concourse at Waterloo railway station. Various shots of people waiting for trains. People buying tickets. A little girl dancing. A woman sits on a case eating food from paper. People with luggage and suitcases. A mother wipes her little boy's clothes. A girl sits holding a teddy bear. A boy walks along with his sister carrying a rubber ring over his arm, he stares at the camera as he passes. A woman pushes a doll in a push along toy. Queues of people with luggage. Passengers giving in tickets as they enter the platform to board the train. People walking towards the train. Various shots of people at the crowded station. People queueing to get on trains.

02:02:00. People on a very crowded beach. Another shot of the beach showing hotels and guest houses on the front. People pushing a wooden boat into the sea. A postcard stand, the racks spin around. Various shots of people looking at postcards. Two women with handbags lean on a railing on the beach and write postcards. A man and woman holding hands run through the rain, other people with umbrellas run behind them. A woman with an umbrella up runs past the Ritz theatre or club. People running on the seafront through the rain, a man holds a child's hand. People standing under a shelter on the sea front. An empty rainswept pier. A middle aged man in trunks steps gingerly over pebbles. A boy and girl wearing a swimming cap play with a rubber ring in the sea. A couple throw a ball to each other. A woman in a swimming costume sits on a wall talking to a man. Various shots of people sitting and older people sleeping on deckchairs. Men sit in deck chairs asleep with knotted hankies on their heads and their trouser legs rolled up.

Archive clips of Edwardian seaside scenes. A man walks along a pier and doffs his cap to a woman sitting in a deckchair holding a parasol, she gets up. People walking down a gangway on wheels down to a boat in the water. A water ride in which people sitting in a boat slide down a large ramp into the water. People riding on a miniature train.

03:24:00. A miniature steam train pulls into a platform and children disembark from the open carriage. Close up of a pair of feet in the sea. Close up of the girl's face. Various shots of children playing in the sand on the beach, with buckets and a bat. A boy in the water sails a toy boat. Children playing in the sea near a rock. People walking along a street in a seaside down. Women looking at goods outside a souvenir or gift shop. A man gives a customer change at a shop. A woman buys a bucket and gives it to her young daughter in a pushchair. A man makes a balloon into an animal for a boy. A man buys candy floss from a stall. A woman buying candy floss from another stall. A gloved hand reaches out for ice cream in small bricks or blocks between wafers. Women sticking their heads through photograph cut out with comic characters. People riding donkeys along the beach. A sailor on the seafront. People in a large boat called Skylark. A man with a hammer stands outside a stall which proclaims 2 Ton Alice She's a Whopper. People in costume perform on stage. Two acrobats on a trapeze. An older sailor making something with his hands. A magician performs for the crowd. A man wearing a mortar board on his stall. A woman on a silly hat stall puts a hat on a passing man. A man waves his arms theatrically to direct punters into a show called Frosty Godiva The Frozen Alive Girl. Inside a smiling woman lies in a bath covered with a sheet of ice, people reach out to touch the ice. Another bizarre attraction is a woman detached from her head, tubes run where her head should be and a smiling head appears from a curtain, beside the body. Fun fair, point of view from the front seat of a roller coaster. The ride ends with a splash in the water. Various shots of people enjoying a ride where they sit in aeroplanes and go round in the air. Dodgems or bumper cars. People walk in a giant drum as children fall over. A sailor dummy laughs manically. People on a ride at night. Women coming out of a ride with their dresses blowing up in the wind. Various fairground rides. Point of view from a roller coaster.

06:14:00 Rides at night. The merry go round at night. The whole fairground lit up with neon lights. People dressed up on a ride or float. Fireworks. A crowded beach. People dressing and undressing on the beach. People waiting at a counter with a sign reading Get Your Beach Trays Here. A woman pays for a deckchair. A crowded boarding house. People eating in the dining room of a boarding house, being served by a young woman wearing an apron. A baby is fed in his highchair at a nursery in a boarding house. Children sitting at tables eating. Staff and children in a nursery, a girl plays on a mini roundabout inside. A woman pushes a girl on a hobby horse ride in a playground. A father helps a child on a slide. Fathers pushing children on a roundabout in a playground. Children ride around on tricycles. Children and adults on a pleasure boat. Another view of the pleasure boat at sea with a Union Jack flying from the mast. Children on a zip wire. Parents watch children on a ride.

08:18:00. Crowds on the sea front watch a Punch and Judy show. Close up of the puppet booth. A woman walks along a row of chalets in a holiday camp. A woman baths a baby in a tin bath outside a chalet, the father looks on. Female staff wearing aprons work in a kitchen, one is a nurse or children's nanny. A woman washes linen in a Belfast sink. She hangs nappies or towels to dry on a rail in the laundry room. A nanny or nurse sits on the floor playing with a toddler, a little girl, in a creche or nursery. The nurse, holding a baby, goes to a cot where another baby is sitting up. Waitresses take hot plates from a cabinet in a dining room. Holidaymakers sitting down eating at tables in the dining room.
Women hold men's legs in a wheelbarrow race watched by a crowd. Back view of five women wearing swimming cotumes in an outdoor beauty contest. They turn around, the camera pans to show a sixth woman, they are holding numbers.. The judges look on. The winner gets a kiss from an embarrassed man, a Redcoat. A Redcoat on a platform gives a signal. Mass physical jerks or keep fit class. Hiking or marching en masse with a Redcoat at the front. People in rows of three walking together outside. People in rows inside dancing.

09:48:00. A man wearing a straw hat painting at an easel on a quiet deserted beach. He holds a palette as he paints. Two people standing at the edge of the sea. A group playing cricket on the beach. Two people swimming as the waves lap. A woman lies on the beach, another sits beside her, playing with sand. A man stands in a river fishing. A bridge over the river. A large group of people cycling along a country road. Close up of bicycle wheels turning. Front view of the group cycling. A group pony trekking on the beach. A group of hikers in the countryside walking uphill. Hikers climbing up the side of a hill. People walking in front of a stately home. People carrying easels walking through a garden. Two women sit on a step changing into hiking boots. People going into a country house. Girls or young women wearing shorstand carrying backpacks walk out of a youth hostel, past a sign reading YHA.

11:00:00. A man climbing down a rope ladder, he is potholing. Other potholers. Three potholers with miners lamps or headlamps walking in the dark underground. A man climbing up the side of a mountain. A climber sitting down and adjusting his ropes. A glider taking off. Aerial view over fields. View from the cockpit of the glider coming in to land. Men in the Territorial Army approaching a military plane. The men jumping out of the plane wearing parachutes. Aerial view of parachutist landing. Man looking through a rangefinder.

A man hangs washing on a washing line then sits in the garden with two women, one is sitting in a deckchair holding a baby. People picking fruit or vegetables in a garden or allotment. A man picking.runner beans in his back garden. A man rolling pastry with a rolling pin in his kitchen. He puts the pastry over a pie. The man standing by the bath soaping one of his children. A man dives into an outdoor swimming pool. A municipal swimming pool or lido. A girl playing in the water. Two adults swinging a toddler in the water. Teenage boys riding bicycles on a race track which was a bomb site, girls and houses in the background. One boy falls off his bicycle.

12:48:00. A woman wearing a headscarf reaches up to pick fruit or hops. A woman walks through rows of crops. Women and children preparing crops or hops over a trough as a baby sleeps in a pushchair. Close up of the sleeping baby or toddler. A woman wearing overalls and wellington boots leads a horse on a farm. A couple putting fruit in baskets. Two women on ladders pick fruit from trees. A couple walking across a field. People sitting and lying on the grass. Castles. A stately home owned by the National Trust. People walking in the Lake District. The Pennines. Dartmoor. Snowdonia. Hadrian's Wall. The Norfolk Broads. A windmill and wherry boat. Boats on the river. Close up of the soles of a pair of walking or hiking boots. Ramblers lying on the grass as part of a rally. Women dancing with a large scarf outdoors. Young men and women playing outdoor games. People dancing in a circle outside a stately home.

14:18:00. People walking past the Shakespeare Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. People in evening dress walking across the grass at Glyndebourne. Marching at the Edinburgh Tattoo. Shows at the Edinburgh Festival. A horse-drawn carriage with King George VI and Queen Mary drives past a stately home for an event, possibly Ascot. People at a race meeting, possibly Ascot or the Derby, women in posh dresses and hats. Footage of a horse race. Front view of a horse races. Very brief shots of motor racing and Speedway. Sailing boats.

15:32:00. London, Horse Guards marching as crowds watch. People riding horses in a park. A woman at a flower show. People walking through gardens, probably Kew Gardens. Men and women dancing on a boat on the River Thames. Boats on the Thames. People dancing on the boat after passing under a bridge. Tower Bridge. A pleasure boat going under Tower Bridge. The site of the proposed buildings for the Festival of Britain on the South Bank. Neon lights at Piccadilly Circus. A chandelier. Men and women in gowns and evening dress walking up the stairs in a theatre or opera house. A train going past buildings. A boat going appraoching a bridge. View of London with St Paul's Cathedral. Children play on a beach by the Thames as a man with a naval cap looks on. People walking a London street. A neon sign for Nicholsons Gin. An illuminated fountain.

16:52:00. Rough seas. Waves hitting the side of a boat. A man wearing a bow tie designing or drawing a seaside postcard.of a very fat woman on a donkey. Ballet dancers practising. A man cleaning or painting a wooden carving. Two men push a small boat into the water. A man painting a rocking horse. A lion tamer with a lion. A circus acrobat practises jumping off a horse, he is attached by a wire. Part of a fairground ride or attraction with the writing Smart and Sons is unveiled. Close up of horses on a carousel or merry go round. A fairground ride. A man in a hat on the ride. A fairground worker smoking as he walks on the busy ride collecting money. Blurred view as the ride spins.

Ends suddenly.

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