Film: 314

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Tommy Cooper 1950's in a promotional advert for gas

People in Elizabethan dress. Father talks to daughter of preparing a feast. He orders Tommy Cooper to prepare large amounts of food. Cooper replies; man pulls his dagger out and says that if one dish is not fit for Her Majesty, he (Tommy Cooper) will lose his head. (Tommy Cooper wears a fez). Elizabethan kitchen. Cooper enters. Cooper recognizes man (presumably a partner in comedy?). The crowded kitchen is shown to Cooper, full of his "underlings" - they are kitchen staff. Cooper makes a few jokes and orders ten cows, and lots of other items. Female baker faints when he orders a hundred loaves. Cooper tries to revive her by fanning her. Man faints into Cooper's arms too. Assistant brings two cows into the kitchen. Pun on "spit". Cooper says it will take weeks to cook cow on a spit. Servants bring on platters of boars' heads. It is hot and Cooper tells girl to fan heads to keep them cool. Man drives ducks in. Cooper orders hot water - "Now don't you worry, Master Cooper, it'll be hot in two hours!" Cooper requests a magician - little man says "I am a magician". Magician puts his hand to Cooper's head to read his mind and see what he requires. Magician says he can read his mind - a small message from the future - cooking with great heat - and sees if he can conjure up the image - Abracadabra! Fails to do magic; Cooper says he hasn't used a wand. He borrows the wand, says "Hocus Pocus" and in a puff of smoke changes the cauldron into a modern gas wall-heater over a sink. Lots of steam comes from the taps when they turn them on. More "Hocus Pocus, fish bones choke us!" and the open fire turns into gas oven with four saucepans boiling on the hob. Cooper feels his neck at the thought of the axeman's chopper. Cooper creates a fridge, opens it and sees his head smiling on a platter inside. He faints; dreamy, wavy sequence. Cooper awakes in fez in 1950's to find man standing over him.
Modern introducer says "That's all" and camera closes on gas fire.

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