Film: 3141

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Harry Langdon - football shots. American football sequence. Real football scenes. Harry is a reluctant substitute on the American Football field. Coach removes extra cushioned padding from Harry's backside. Ball is kicked by the opposing team up field to where Harry is loitering. American football lodges in the seat of his baggy trousers or pants. Opposing team rush at Harry who avoids them and runs upfield. Defence is turned into attack and other team members put in blocks. Harry runs in and scores a touchdown. His team mates congratulate him. His mother and girlfriend are delighted and run onto the pitch. He kisses both. Wants to marry a rich girl but has to do 'engineering job'. Street cleaning. Harry sweeps bricks down open manhole, and hits another brick golf style into hole. Man emerges rubbing his head.
Rush hour on the subway or underground railway. Chinatown - fight between rival Chinese groups; tourists in Chinatown; opium dens etc.; Chinese temples - very good.

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